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#BookTour #KindleUnlimited - Towles (Brothers of Chaos MC) by Quinn Slater

Title: Towles
Series: Brothers of Chaos MC
Author: Quinn Slater
Genre: MC Romance, Dark Romance, Reverse Age Gap, Bad Boy/Good Girl, MC/Alpha Biker
Release Date: July 2, 2024
Cover Design: Raven Canely

Ethan “Brainiac” Towles
Tragedy changes a man. Turns a good guy into something unrecognizable. They gunned down my parents and now revenge and brutality are the only things I understand. I want blood on my hands. I want to wreak havoc on everything and everyone around me. I know I need help. I know she’s the only one capable.

April Summers
I get it. He’s much younger, too handsome, too rough around the edges. He’s part of something the town despises. He has freedom. He has all the things I don’t and I’m willing to give everything, including my marriage, to live that same life. I can help him. I know I can. Will he let me?

“Somebody’s deep in thought,” Ethan said. I turned, and he was standing naked in the bedroom doorway, drying his hair. Fuck, he looked young, too young. Get over it, April, I told myself. “You okay?”

“Yeah, psych school doesn’t teach you how to deal with your own shit. I’m kind of numb right now to everything and hoping I don’t lose it later.” I stood and removed the towel around me. I tossed it and the towel around my hair to the side. There, we were both naked.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” Ethan said. He came toward me and scooped me into his arms. I could practically feel the blood coursing through his veins. I put a hand against his rock-hard chest. Damn, I wanted him to fuck me silly. Fuck all my problems away and leave me spent.

“Are you sure, Ethan?” I asked, promising myself not to ask again.

In the bedroom, Ethan laid me on the bed. “Can you handle a younger man?”

I shrugged. It was a good question. Fucking Paul wasn’t much of a fuck. “I’ll answer that in the morning.”

Ethan lay beside me, and I turned to face him. I stayed in his arms for several minutes, our lips rarely parting. His dick grew against my stomach, and every bit of me melted. My heart thumped against his bare chest, and any trepidation I had about him and all the things Ethan Towles vanished.

I started kissing down Ethan’s chest, and he stopped me. What the ever living hell? He saw the terror in my eyes and smiled. He started down my body, and I relaxed. When he moved over me, it blocked out the entire world. I put my hands on his chest and looked down as he kissed my breasts, lingering at my nipples, sucking and nibbling. His large muscular hands covered my tits.

Quinn Slater grew up in the Midwest where still lives today with his wife and two dogs. Besides being a writer of steamy stories, he is also a gym rat, avid traveler, and loves a good dirty joke.

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