Friday, January 27, 2023

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited #Rugby #Wrath #SportsRomance - Gentleman's Anger: Players & Sinners Club by MK Moore

Title: Gentleman's Anger
Collection Title: Players & Sinners Club 
Author: MK Moore
Release Dates: January 27, 2023
Genre: Sports Romance (Wrath/Rugby)
Cover Design: Touch Creations
Organization: Rewritten Fairytales

Logan Reynolds is a perfect gentleman, that is, until he gets on the pitch. All bets are off out there. When he sees the new owner, he never imagined she would be everything he ever wanted.

Patience Winters has never taken no for an answer. Her 1% stake in the London Hookers is about to finally pay off. She shouldn’t get involved with a player, especially not Logan Reynolds.

Is it really such a sin?

When they fall, they fall hard, fast, a dirty. Doesn’t love always win?

Can his wrath match her patience?

Hate the sin...
Love the Sinner.

Falling for the bad boys may get these ladies into trouble, but it's hard to resist the temptation. The guys are hot, talented, desperately wanted, famous... and the details of their stories are extremely addicting.
As the women these athletes love peel away the layers, each one uncovers a side the public doesn't normally get to see. Whether or not that side is worth the fight is a different question.
One only answered by the heart.

7 Deadly Sins meet the famous athletes of the Players and Sinners Club. Indulge with these standalone stories, guilt-free.


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