Friday, January 27, 2023

#NewRelease #AgeGap #ContemporaryRomance - Love is for Suckers by Rebel Wild

Title: Love is for Suckers
Author: Rebel Wild
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Age Gap
Release Date: January 27, 2023


Nichole loved her small-town life and never thought about leaving home. Now she’s an LA sorority girl at a college that rich kids cheat to get into.

It’s been all fun and games, but Nicole is bored with college life and the boys that come with it. Valentine’s Day is approaching and the one thing she wants is to lose her V-card on V-Day.

Older guys do it better. At least that’s what her best friend Dericka says.

With that in mind, Nichole sets her sights on seducing Mr. Valentine’s Day himself, chocolatier Gredin McEwen. And with Dericka’s help, she just might get him.

Hoes before bros have always been their motto.

What can possibly get in the way of that?


Gredin doesn’t have time for games or relationships. He’s about to launch a new company with a nonexistent signature dessert. The last thing he needs is to be distracted by her: a college girl with a tempting offer he should refuse.

But he still wants to have his cake and eat it too.

His only rule: one and done. A quick lay for Valentine’s Day. Nothing less and definitely nothing more.

He has no idea just how much more Nicole Adams will be.

Will she be worth breaking the rule?

If you like age-gap, fun romances, then you’ll love the misadventures of this pair.

Rebel Wild is a southern girl transplanted to the City of Angels. She has a passion for sensual romance. She’s best known for her sweet yet tenacious heroines and the hot brooding men who love them.

She writes poems, takes pinup pics of Nelson, her adorable cat, and she’s on a lifelong quest to find the perfect red wine/pinot noir to pair with a five-napkin cheeseburger.

Through her captivating characters, sizzling plots and intimate family dynamics, Rebel’s stories are not just love letters to the Los Angeles of her dreams. She’s created her own universe dripping with human desires and the timeless themes of love, loss and longing.

She loves her heroines smart, slightly innocent just on the edge of blooming in the women they will become, and she pairs them with strong men with dirty minds who reveal their devastating vulnerabilities over time.


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