Tuesday, June 1, 2021

#SeriesCoverReveal #PreOrder #Giveaway - Shellington Series by K.L. McLoughlin

Series: Shellington Series
Author: K.L. McLoughlin
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: GermanCreative

Christmas Collusion (Shellington #1) - releasing July 1, 2021

Best Man Indeed (Shellington #2) - releasing August 1, 2021

Best Man Instead (Shellington #3) - releasing September 1, 2021

Best Man Forever (Shellington #4) - releasing October 1, 2021

Why is it so easy to encourage those closest to us to find love but so hard to choose love for ourselves?

After colliding into and spilling coffee all over gorgeous Greg, Patty agrees to go on a fake date with him to make up for it. Greg hopes this will silence his meddling, matchmaking daughter, Mandy, who really should be focusing on her own non-existent love life. Little does he know...

Mandy is having a hard time focusing at work. Justin, the new office hottie, is proving to be a huge distraction. When Mandy learns that Justin has a wonderful single aunt, her meddling ways kick in. Trying to keep things professional — and ignore her lusty feelings for Justin — Mandy asks him for help in setting up his aunt with her dad. Fighting his own growing attraction, Justin agrees, but he is keeping a big secret from her, one that could push her away forever.

Four lives become hilariously intertwined through misunderstandings and mistaken identities.

He’s all wrong for her!

Becca Zimmerman wakes up deliciously satisfied next to Detective Sean McGee. She’s an intrepid interior designer and businesswoman. She knows what she needs. It isn’t Sean. 1- He isn't Jewish, and 2- He's a cop. As maid of honor, watching her best friend Mandy get married fills her with a pang of loneliness. It’s just enough to tip her into the waiting arms of the sexy best man Sean McGee. Hooking up with him at the wedding is too much fun to consider a mistake but it can’t happen again. Acting as surrogate “besties” until the newlyweds return from their honeymoon seems harmless enough. Is it?

Sean McGee has both faith and patience. From the moment he laid eyes on Becca, he knew he’d need both. When Becca offers herself up as a “stand in” BFF, Sean sees his opening and offers to do the same for her. But breaking through her steadfast reservations is proving to be a greater challenge than he thought. Given half a chance he'll show Becca, that for her, he is the Best Man Indeed.

Will religion and culture keep love at bay, or will faith bring love home?

How could fate introduce me to the woman who haunts my dreams and take her away in the same moment?

Pete Conaghan’s dreams have been filled with visions of Kayla his entire life. Through many lifetimes they’ve loved and lost each other. She stars in every video game he creates: different eras, different roles, but the same bewitching eyes. When his childhood best friend, Dylan, invites him to dinner to meet the new girlfriend the last thing he expects is to meet Kayla, and to discover she’s real. The second surprise of the evening is that they ask him to be their best man. It’s crushing that he can get to know her but never be with her. But the old lady from his dreams insists this is the lifetime he and Kayla will finally be together.

When Kayla meets Pete, he’s the only one of her fiancĂ©’s friends she actually likes. When they touch, she feels more than she should, more than she knew she could. The old lady from her childhood dreams is back and trying to tell her something. But will she listen? In this life, Kayla is determined to find her own way.

What happens when you miss the messages from fate? Will Kayla and Pete ever be in sync?

Being in love with your best friend sucks.

Sarah Murphy is in love with her best friend Liam McGee, but Mr. Three-Month McGee sees her as his best friend and that is all — just as well because she wants forever not some three-month affair. That useless longing is as familiar to her as the need to be loved by all of the McGees, especially the matriarch Anna, who is the closest thing to a mother Sarah has ever known. Long ago, when Anna took her in, Sarah promised her that she and Liam were just friends. Breaking that promise could cost her everything.

When Liam discovers that Sarah’s now ex-boyfriend hurt her, put his hands on her, he sees red — and an opportunity — to truly take care of her. But the timing is all wrong. He never intended to make his move until he had something real to offer her, and he won’t be making decent money until he’s finished with his residency, still a year away. Being seen as Three-Month McGee never bothered him until now. He’s always known Sarah is too good for him. How can he prove to her that he is worth the risk — that for Sarah, he will be the Best Man Forever?

I was raised outside of Ottawa, ON Canada and was lucky enough to have my horse in my backyard. The first thing I ever remember wanting to do was tell stories, but I was told that there was no money in it, so I moved on — to the incredibly lucrative career of elementary education. After taking a break from the work force while raising my boys, I returned (somehow) to work in securitized real estate: educating investors and keeping track of a lot of details.

I’ve lived in Massachusetts; Northern California; British Columbia, Canada; Southern California; and now Nevada. I love it here in Nevada and would really rather not move again for a long time. 2020 was an interesting year but what I’m most grateful for is that it allowed me to dive back into my passion for writing.

I’m blessed to be married to the love of my life and with our dog O’Malley we endeavor to live our best lives. I love to cook; you’ll see pictures of food all over my Instagram. I love dogs, horses, hiking, and writing. Nothing is more fun than when my characters misbehave requiring me to re-plot the rest of the book.


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