Tuesday, June 1, 2021

#NewRelease #SmallTownRomance #SecondChanceRomance - Unbreak Her Heart (Beaver Run Reunion Series #1) by Brie Wilds

Title: Unbreak Her Heart
Series: Beaver Run Reunion Series #1
Author: Brie Wilds
Genre: Small Town Second-Chance Romance
Release Date: June 3, 2021

Some never find love…some others do, and set it free. But will it ever come back? An endearing story of sweethearts since high school, college breakup and a casual encounter many years later. Sometimes, it takes a second chance to get it right.

On the verge of losing his mega art commission, wanderlust-stricken artist Luke accepts an indecent proposal from his ex to help complete his paintings, but when old emotions are rekindled, he discovers that his feelings for her never died, now he must confront the demons in his past before it’s too late and he loses her forever. There is never a second chance, to a second chance.

Just as she decides to start dating again, after a long hiatus, lonely bar owner Sandra is presented with an opportunity to serve her ex the coldest dish of revenge ever, but when old feeling come roaring back, she quickly discovers that moving on is easier said than done, now she must take matters into her own hands to ensure she is never a fool for love again.

“All right then,” said Laura. “In that case, you’re free. There’s a customer that needs a ride.”

Sandra thought for a moment. “Okay, I’ll do it, but only this one time. I’ll be leaving in ten minutes.” Sandra paused and cocked her head. “So, who’s the guy that snagged you? How come you’ve never mentioned him?”

“You already know, the father of my child,” said Laura, brushing her black hair to the side.

Sandra knew that move. A nervous tic her friend had. Her husband, ex-husband, had been gone for three years now, and she still missed him. “I thought it was someone new.” Well, she wasn’t the only one thinking of lost loves. Maybe there was something in the air today.

Sandra wondered where this customer was going. There were no hotels on her way, and she knew everyone that lived in that direction. It could only be the Airbnb. “Is that another of Stone’s renters?”

Lauren chuckled. “You got it.”

“Okay. If I don’t show up tomorrow, ask Stone about the guy that rented his house, okay?”

Laura winked. “You won’t go missing, trust me.” She leaned closer and whispered in her ear. “Maybe if you…emmm…let your guard down a little, you might even get your garden plowed tonight.”

Sandra drew back and made a face. “What? What's with the fishing and farming euphemisms you’ve been spewing all night?” Sandra pointed at Laura and smiled. “I think you need to be hosed down.”

Laura clapped her hands and laughed. “Touché. Now who’s the queen of euphemisms?

Brie Wilds writes steamy, romance stories about men, women and their amazing and unique journey to happily ever after.

She’s the author of My Big Fat Fake Matrimonial Ad- Book 3 of her Beaver Run books. Her latest book, Unbreak Her Heart, is an endearing story of sweethearts since high school that got a second chance at love many years later after a breakup.

When Brie is not writing, she’s hanging out with her family. You can visit her at www.briewilds.com


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