Monday, August 24, 2020

#Boost #KindleUnlimited #DarkBullyRomance #MustRead - Devilishly Damaged (The Shadowed Souls Series #1) by Abigail Cole

Title: Devilishly Damaged
Series: The Shadowed Souls Series #1
Author: Abigail Cole
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Dark Bully Romance
Published: June 6, 2020

"The sad truth is we all have our own demons to fight, no matter what life we were born into.”

After surviving a traumatic childhood, Avery Hughes’ luck finally seems to have turned around when she is adopted by a famously rich couple and their son. Her new life is one of extreme luxury and filled with more love than she believes she deserves. However, when tragedy strikes, Avery finds herself in the care of her estranged brother and his gang of Shadowed Souls. Torn between their alluring charms and the darkness that lurks beneath, Avery is forced to rely on every tactic she’s learnt over the years to evade their torment, all the while needing to protect her heart.

This is a contemporary dark bully romance which may have triggers for some as there are dark love-hate themes, intense flashbacks and bullying, sexual scenes and some violence. Not recommended for under 18's or the faint of heart.

Unable to let her pass me whilst looking like that, I grab for her waist and spin her towards the piano. Shrieking, Avery shoves at my shoulders in panic but I settle her on the shiny black surface and hold my hands up in defeat. Guilt burns at me, knowing I’ve brought this reaction on myself and I fucking hate it. Sensing I’m not a threat, Avery eyes me curiously but keeps her posture rigid. Slowly pushing my way between her legs, my erection rests between us, showing the full affect her skimpy nightwear and gaming has had on me.
“You’ve never stopped suffering, have you?” I breathe into her ear, a resulting shiver moving down her spine. Looking deeply into Avery’s vibrant blue eyes, I’m beginning to see how similar we actually are. Like me, she’s a survivor of neglect but is still plagued by the mistreatment of our parents. Dropping my bullshit act for the first time in….I don’t know how long, I hope Avery can find the real me buried deep inside. Because God knows, if there is anything worth seeing still in there, it would be for someone like her.
Sliding a hand around the back of her neck, she tenses further and a fleeting look of worry travels across her face. “Please don’t touch my back,” she whispers, vulnerability taking up residence in her expression. Her words are a dagger to my heart, stabbing deeply and twisting. I helped to add to her pain, I held her while she was tortured all over again.
“Never again,” I promise, my lips brushing across her. I should leave. I’m an asshole that will never be worthy of her. I’ll never be able to heal her in the way she needs. But I also can’t not have her in this moment. I’m selfish like that.

Abigail Cole is a married mum of two, and serial daydreamer. As a huge fan of fantasy romance novels for the past decade, she has finally decided to put pen to paper (finger to keyboard doesn't sound as poetic) and began to write her own.

As a child, life was moving around the UK and a short stint in the Caribbean, before Abigail has found herself back in the south east of England where she is now happily settled. With a double award in applied arts and an A-level in art history, Abigail is your average musical-loving, Disney-obsessed, jive-dancing woman with a dark passion for steamy fantasy books.


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