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#OnSale #99Pennies #LimitedTime - Almost Glass by Leah Holt

Title: Almost Glass
Author: Leah Holt
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 3, 2018

Broken. Shattered. Forever searching for something I knew I'd never find. . . Happiness.
I was a girl with no purpose, with no reason to keep going—I was barely living.
Life had been nothing but a cruel joke to me. I had found love, only to lose it. I had found hope, only to watch it get snatched from my arms.
I had nothing left.
But from the darkness came a man.
He saw something in me that I couldn't.
He saw life, he saw the girl that I had lost somewhere along the way; he saw a second chance.
With his help, I picked up the glass around my feet and put my life back together.
He gave me more than anyone ever could.
He gave me his heart.
And I wanted to give him mine, I just didn't know how.
I needed to let go of the past to truly let him in.
So I did what I never could before, I gave myself a voice. I wrote a letter.
And that letter changed everything.

Amazon Review - “ Fantastic read”

Amazon Review - “Emotional and Raw!!”

Amazon Review - “Deeply emotional and beautiful”

I'm not dead, but I should be.

I spent five years of my life running.

Some people run away and never really know why. They just go, never looking back, never thinking about the past. They write it off as if it never happened.

But I know why I ran, I saw it every time I looked in the mirror or heard a baby cry.

It was always there, replaying inside my head when my eyes closed, when there was nothing but silence surrounding me. There was no escaping those memories. No way to erase them from my mind or banish them from my heart.

My only solace was having the power to numb it. That was all I could do.

Until I couldn't anymore.

I've wanted to tell my story for a really long time now, with the hope that maybe it could give other girls, just like me, the chance to see that life doesn't have to be a certain way. It doesn't matter how deep the hole is, you can always climb out.

It's never too late, not unless it's your very last breath, and even then I'd still say keep on fighting. Fight for more air, fight for what's yours; fight for the right to keep going.

What you go through doesn't define you, it doesn't have to follow you around like a giant black cloud. All of it—it only makes you stronger.

I'm stronger now than I've ever been, but for some reason, I still can't find the strength I need to tell my story so people can hear it. I can't utter it out loud—shit, I can't even whisper what's inside my head.

But writing it, that's different.

When your voice isn't strong enough to float through the air so others can hear you, what do you do?

Do you stop talking?

Do you shy away from using your lips and trade it for silence?


You transfer your thoughts and words into long strokes of ink, so your voice will last forever. . . You will last forever.

My story isn't for the weak, it's not going to fill you with so much joy your heart will explode. What I can tell you is that I got my happily ever after, I just needed a hero to show me I had to work for it.

Growing up in a small town, Leah Holt's imagination was able to run wild. She loves to write romance that is full of broken heroes you can't help but fall in love with. Having three children of her own, life is filled with far too many cartoons and not enough bad boys. Writing has become an outlet for her to let out all of the dirty, forbidden thoughts inside her head. When she's not typing to the point her fingers hurt, you can find her downing coffee and trying to keep track of reality. Which is never easy when she'd rather have her nose in a book or creating stories that will leave you breathless and wanting more.


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