Saturday, February 15, 2020

#PromoTour #AvailableNow #SciFi - Hellcat by Rebekah Turner

Title: Hellcat
Author: Rebekah Turner
Genre: Sci-Fi
Release Date: February 15, 2020

In the dusty Mars city of Cydonia, only one path is open to women: get married and breed. As long as you're genetically approved, of course. Eighteen-year-old Kayo Rooper might be approved, but she has no interest in finding a husband. Her destiny is to live a life of adventure on Earth, birthplace of her long lost mother.

Joined by a friend with a shady moral compass, a tech genius with a tragic past, and the roof-rat-turned Sentinel who both threatens and attracts her, Kayo earns passage money to Earth riding her Hellcat cycle as an illegal courier. But her plans of escape are threatened when a job puts her in the middle of a plot to destroy the fragile alliance between Earth and Mars. Now, the very home Kayo wants to escape is the one she would give anything to save.

A pack of official couriers on aero-cycles whipped by our car, their sleek fusion-fueled cycles whining softly. The couriers leaned low over their polished silver engines, dressed in dark-navy uniforms. My eyes followed them as they split off in opposite directions, weaving easily around the traffic, bobbing up and down, in and out. A trickle of jealousy slid through me. No way was I going to live a life stuck behind a desk, surrounded by clacking calculators, ticking engines, slide rules and dusty engineering files, adding up numbers all day long. My life was going to be bigger than that.


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