Friday, February 14, 2020

#NewRelease #Giveaway - Dangerous Ledges by Fallon Raynes

Title: Dangerous Ledges
Author: Fallon Raynes
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: February 14, 2020

Liza McAllister is newly divorced when she's talked into going on a cruise with her friend Chrissy. Determined to put her crazy ex behind her, Liza throws caution into the wind and indulges on some new clothes and a spacious cabin on the cruise ship. But someone else has other plans.

Ledge McAllister is hell-bent on reclaiming what is rightfully his. His life was turned upside down the day his wife walked out of his home. He will not lose her again. She belongs to him.

After quickly packing the rest of her belongings that she hadn’t had time to pack before she’d caught him in the act, she pressed the reset-to-factory-settings button on her phone. While she watched it erase everything left on the phone that she hadn’t already removed, she murmured to herself, “I wish I could do that with all my memories of him.” Liza pulled the house key off her key ring and placed it on the counter next to the cell phone and her wedding ring. “I won’t need those anymore.”
    She brushed her hands together, satisfied. There would be no way for him to hound her while she tried to re-bundle the pieces of her life. Divorce wasn’t desirable, but sometimes there was no other answer. Taking one last look around the house to ensure she had everything she wanted to take, she drew a deep breath and let it out slowly as she turned to leave for good. All the memories, all the projects, all that time... wasted. Packing had kept her focused. With that done, the tears threatened to spill again. Pulling a tissue from her pocket, she wiped them away.
    Liza locked the front door on her way to her shiny white truck she had purchased in anticipation of this day. The day she had dreaded. She put the truck in gear, slowly pulled out of the drive with the trailer shadowing her, and didn’t look back. Referencing her mental to-do list, she checked off a few things:
- Catch Cheating Bastard - Check
- Leave Cheating Bastard - Check
- Get moved into a new place - On my way now
- Call a good divorce attorney - Dialing now

- RESET LIFE – Working on it.

Fallon Raynes is a paper pusher by day, writer by night. Writing has been in Fallon's blood for as long as she can remember. Short stories and poems kept her mind at ease earlier on. Life's adventures have swirled in her mind to create some exaggerated stories that she's excited to put to paper and share with the world. Her first published thriller novel will be released soon. To relax, Fallon enjoys watching the ID and Hallmark channels, reading, and the outdoors.

Fallon resides in lower Michigan with her husband and fur-baby.


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