Monday, July 1, 2024

#NewReleases #KindleUnlimited - Savage Bloodline Series Season 3 Releases by Sade Rena & ML Preston, Sienne Vega, S.G. Dowdell, and Jade Royal

Series: Savage Bloodline Series Season 3 
Release Dates: June 2024 - July 2024 
Genre: Mafia Romance

The first lesson my father ever taught me was that power is the only currency, loyalty is the law, and always take what you want.
When the Mayor of our city begs me to keep his precious daughter safe, I seize my chance to strengthen the DeLuca hold on the town.
I’ll keep her safe, but it’ll come at a price.
Mia Gordan, the sheltered heiress, must become my wife.
She’s a stranger to our brutal world.
A symbol.
A means to an end.
A strategic move, nothing more.
But as I draw her into my shadowed life, shielding her from the ghost of our fathers’ past, I realize she’s more than a pawn. Every defiant glare, every whispered challenge stirs something dark and hungry within me. She’s an enigma, a mystery wrapped in innocence and hidden depths.
Protecting Mia becomes more than duty; it’s a burning need. The deeper we dive into the lies that bind her family to mine, she becomes more than just my wife in name. Mia’s the unexpected light in my dark world.
But can love be our salvation in a life built on blood and deceit, or will buried secrets destroy it all?


A steamy interracial mafia romance about a deadly capo and the beautiful stranger he can't resist.

Betrayed and left to die, I’m bleeding out in the snow the first time I see Ariana Rowe. She takes me in at my darkest hour and nurses me back to health. No questions asked.
I should be plotting my revenge against my enemies and those who turned on me. Instead, I’m increasingly preoccupied with the shy and beautiful recluse who showed a dangerous capo like me kindness.
Once I’m healed, I return to my dirty and violent world, but the beautiful stranger stays on my mind.
Before I know it, I’m obsessed, and unable to stay away. I must have Ariana for myself.
But then I learn there’s a reason Ariana’s so withdrawn… and getting involved with a woman like her will have deadly consequences.


Growing up, Marcello thought Alfonso DeLuca was his elusive uncle who continuously found himself on the outside of the family’s graces. He never knew he was part of the man’s direct bloodline as his son. Raised by caring and sensible Ramani DeLuca, Marcello had a sense of belonging, but he always felt a part of himself was somewhere out there, missing.

]As the new capo of his city, he doesn’t have time to look for missing pieces of himself. He has a family name to protect, and the woman he has loved since the first time he laid eyes on as a teenager has a formidable enemy after her inherited fortune.

This enemy has devised a plan to get the money, by either marrying her into their family or taking her out. But Marcello is nothing like his sperm donor. Losing the other beat of his heart is nonnegotiable, so welcome to the war of all wars.


In the heart of the notorious DeLuca crime family, Tammaro battles familial distrust, his ambitions stifled by a controlling brother. Seeking escape, he stumbles into a passionate encounter with Yolanda, a mysterious woman. As dawn reveals the consequences, Tammaro discovers Yolanda is his sister-in-law's best friend.

Can she remain unaware of his dangerous identity?

Tammaro and Yolanda confront a clash of worlds—power versus justice. In this forbidden romance, decisions loom, alliances shift, and the line between love, desire, duty, and loyalty dissolves.

Can they endure, or will turbulent currents tear them apart?



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