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#NewRelease #MayReleases #KindleUnlimited - Savage Bloodline Collection (Week 2)

Series: Savage Bloodline Series Season 3 - May Releases 
Genre: Mafia Romance

Fausto DeLuca has been away for twenty years. His biggest regret was pushing the love of his life, Marguerite, out of his life. Now he's back, and it's time to reclaim his woman. He soon finds that she is not the same young, impressionable woman he left behind. She now has money and power of her own. He may be a savage, but he has met his match.

Marguerite Devereaux has spent the last twenty years waiting for him to come home. Focusing on her career was the only way she made it through. Now he’s home, looking better than she remembered. She can’t let him know the power he has over her. Not until he proves he is worthy of her love, again. Until then, he’s going to have a hard time getting any play.

He’s a savage that obeys and protects like only a DeLuca can.

Nina Rivers

Witnessing a brutal murder has me running for my life.

The killer’s family is hot on my heels, but I have an even bigger problem… the sexy as sin US marshal making promises to protect me.

The shiny badge on his chest might spell law, but his name spells DeLuca. And he’s more savage than the criminal family gunning for me.

Never marry a demon...

Regina: My marriage started with murder

My life was simple until Damiano, “the Demon,” Deluca shattered my world. He is a killer with my brother’s blood on his hands and vengeance in his heart. Does he really think I will bow to his will just because he married me? I should despise him for what he's done, so why is the line between desire and hate blurring every day? He needs six months before he lets me go. Will I last that long?

Damiano: My target has become my everything...

She is forbidden fruit. Gorgeous and tempting, with a core of steel. Regina Sweet should be the answer to my prayers, the key to my revenge and the stolen money locked in her trust fund. Money I can only access as her widow. I never planned on wanting her, let alone craving her touch. Emotions are a weakness I can't afford, and this marriage is strictly business.

He was the ruthless mafia boss who never let anyone get too close... Until her.

I've spent the last five years fortifying the DeLuca family's digital defenses and nursing a forbidden desire for my untouchable boss. Alessio DeLuca is cold, remote, and utterly devastating in his tailored suits and air of power.
I know he'll never see me as more than a valuable asset. Until the day everything changes...

Maty Soto is damn good at her job, and she knows it. But what she doesn't know is that I've secretly obsessed over her for years. I keep my distance. Until the day she pushes me too far...

Strap in for a wild ride through the dangerous and decadent world of SAVAGE BLOODLINE, where the only thing more powerful than greed is the love that takes you by surprise and the passion that sets your soul on fire.


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