Tuesday, April 23, 2024

#PreOrder #ComingSoon #MustRead - Wrath: Seven Deadly Sins Mafia Romance by @ThettaJ

Title: Wrath: Seven Deadly Sins Mafia Romance

Author: Thetta James

Genre: Mafia Romance (Lovers to Enemies, and back to Lovers)

Release Date: April 30, 2024

Being the princess and heir to the Rinaldi Family Empire was never my plan. My father groomed me despite my need for freedom. His path leads to death and destruction. My path leads to happily ever after.

Falling in love with the prince of the rival family wasn’t part of the plan. He was supposed to be my peace and way out of this life, but it wasn’t meant to be.

The tragic death of my father was the catalyst for the rise of my dark side. The part of me that I wanted to keep hidden.

Relentless, dark, and unforgiving.

My father’s killers have awakened the beast within and in the midst, lies and betrayal are uncovered. Hunting them down is only the beginning. The two paths collide and form a destiny where only their deaths will lead to my happily ever after.

I've enjoyed books for as long as I can remember. Reading allows you to expand your mind and make you say, what if? Six years ago, I became a part of the Book World as a Blogger and The Erotic Book Review was born.

I love reading and listening to all genres, but I'm very drawn to Romance on the kinky side of things. I believe pursuing your passion brings out your creativity and

allows endless possibilities to come forth. It is magic to take a reader on a journey that forces them to crossover into your world. My love for stories has inspired me to write and share my words. I hope readers enjoy them as much as I loved creating them.


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