Monday, April 29, 2024

#NewRelease #MafiaRomance #KindleUnlimited - Savage Bloodline Collection - April Releases

Series: Savage Bloodline Series Season 3 - April Releases 
Genre: Mafia Romance

We were star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet from two warring families.
And like Romeo, I destroyed our love when I killed someone near and dear to her heart.
Now, it’s been seven years, and I’ve risen to power with no queen to share my throne.
Against her will, she’s promised to me because it is her family whose empire needs protection.
She hates me.
She hates who I was and who I have become.
She also hates that my touch still thrills her to the core.
Before I make her my bride, she will remember that she was once my Juliet and I, her Romeo.
This time, we will live happily ever after.
Even if it kills us.

Sometimes, only a savage will do.
All my life, I refused to be anything like my father, a man who instilled such fear in the women he slept with they hid their secret babies to protect us from him.
To say I hate the man is an understatement.
So when a sexy, mysterious woman stands on my doorstep claiming to be the new nanny for a child I didn’t know existed… I don’t handle things well.
Faced with walking the same path as my father, this woman may be the only person who can save me.
She should fear the monster lurking inside me, yet she doesn’t care who I am, that I run a DeLuca empire, or that I’m the savage no one fucks with.
Instead, she tempts me beyond reason and puts me in my place without batting an eyelash. I suspect there’s a hidden savage beneath her soulful brown eyes, one worthy enough to stand at my side.
And I’ll stop at nothing to make Zakiya Chase mine.

As promised, Neo will go to Jamaica to help solve Antonique's parents' murder. What will he find? Can this savage handle Jamaica's most wanted bad men?

Nothing has ever been denied to me.
Until now.
The one that I want so desperately has bad blood running through his veins.
He’s the enemy of my family.
The nemesis of my uncle.
The uncle that I watched him murder in cold blood.
He’s committed to leaving no witnesses behind, so it’s my life or my freedom.
Maybe being dead isn’t so bad when compared to becoming the forced prisoner of a mafia assassin whose aim is to break me unless I surrender.

I like my kills the way that I like my shoes, polished and refined.
I never leave a trail or witness behind.
Until her.
She’s a spoiled and entitled woman but the only witness I’ve ever allowed to survive.
She’s the only one who can lead a trail back to me, a trail that my family and organization can’t afford.
She’s the only one that gets to me in a way no other woman has.
She’s the only one I want to break, to conquer, and to own.
But to do that means to declare war.


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