Monday, April 22, 2024

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited #MustRead - Seize (The Exiled Eight MC - Detroit Series) by Addison Jane

Title: Seize
Series: The Exiled Eight MC - Detroit Series
Author: Addison Jane
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: April 22, 2024
Cover Design: Natasha Snow Designs

I escaped a dark past.

Barely dragging myself from the depths of hell.

But when addiction sinks its claws into your soul, there are only two options—surrender and let it devour you or wage the fight of your life.

Out of the shadows, I found strength and resilience.

What I didn’t expect was to find him.

Bishop wasn’t just the President of The Exiled Eight MC in Detroit.

He was powerful.

He was commanding.

And as my best friend’s father, he should have been off-limits.

But the magnetic pull was relentless, luring us toward a line we knew we shouldn’t cross.

"Get under the blankets,” I told her as I walked across the room to the window. I pulled the curtains across, holding them a little longer as I waited for the shuffling behind me to stop.

The room was dark now.

Or at least as dark as it could be for five o’clock in the afternoon.

The armchair in the corner of my room was piled high with clean clothes. I didn’t bother folding or putting my laundry away these days, so they were just tossed there to use. Right now, though, I needed the chair, so I shoved the clothes to the floor and wrapped my arms around it, carrying it to the door.

Shay’s eyes followed me in silence as I pressed the back of the chair hard against the door and pulled my gun from the back of my jeans. I fell back into the chair, resting my gun and hand on my knee and getting comfortable.

“Sleep, Shay.”

She pulled the comforter up to her neck, tucking it in around her. “What are you—”

“I’m gonna sit here so you can sleep knowing not a fucking thing in this world is going to get past me,” I told her honestly, clutching my nine millimeter tightly in my grasp. “Now close your eyes.”

It was so hard to sit there and not climb into the bed with her.

But despite knowing my self-control would not stand it, that wasn’t what this was about.

This was about making her feel safe. I’d deal with the rest of these feelings later since it was becoming pretty fucking obvious they weren’t going away any time soon.

But for now, I’d sit here.

I’d protect her from the danger outside this room and the shadows within if I had to.

USA Today Bestselling Author Addison Jane is a country girl from New Zealand with dreams of taking on the world.

She enjoys bringing her books to life with strong female leads, sexy, passionate men and a rollercoaster of twists and turns that will keep readers guessing. She’s a believer in telling love stories that aren’t perfect, but that are still full of passion, adventure, and excitement.

When Addison isn’t glued to her desk writing all the words, you’ll likely find her attempting to navigate single mum life with her beautiful, strong, and kind-hearted teenage daughter. Or you might spot her on the couch binge watching shows she’s already seen a million times.


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