Thursday, April 11, 2024

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited - His Deception (His Confession Trilogy Book 2) by Angel Rayne

Title: His Deception
Series: His Confession Trilogy Book 2
Author: Angel Rayne
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: April 11, 2024
Cover Design: Dar Albert at Wicked Smart Designs

"Angel grabs your attention in book number 2 in His Confession Trilogy and doesn't stop until the end. This is an EXCELLENT story with lots of up and downs, twists and turns." -Goodreads Review

"Another intense read...had me glued to the pages and left with wanting more. I can't wait for the next book." -Goodreads Review

"Picking up right where the first book leaves off, this book is more psychologically intense than the first. Plenty of action and lots of questions answered. I can’t wait for the finale! I highly recommend this series!"-
Goodreads Review

A monster made me a captive in the dark. Now, I’m starting to love it…and him…

When I first met Tristan, I thought he was cold. Heartless. Maybe even a sociopath.
I was right.

He stalked me. Kidnapped me. And now I’m his prisoner.

I want to hate him. I should hate him.

But I can’t.

Not when he rescued me from an even bigger monster. Not when he’s risked everything to protect me.

Not when he looks at me like I’m the only light he’s ever had in his dark, tortured life.

I know I must do whatever is necessary to escape this cell. To survive.

I can only hope I have the strength to leave my monster when the time comes…

His Deception, book 2 in the His Confession trilogy, is a spicy, hot, dark contemporary mafia romance. If morally grey is your favorite color and you love a sexy, villain-gets-the-girl story, shop no more, because Tristan is only one download away.

She was silent for a long moment. "What are you going to do, Tristan?"
"Whatever I have to." To keep you safe. To put myself back together.
"You told me..." Her voice broke, a small crack in her otherwise carefully composed fa├žade. But she didn't fool me. I could see it all. The confusion, the pain, the inexplicable pull she felt toward something as dangerous and unpredictable as me, just as I was drawn toward her. Every instinct I had screamed at me to pull her into my arms, to protect her, to claim her.
That was exactly the problem, though, wasn't it? Luna was becoming more than a responsibility, more than someone weaker than myself I'd only wanted to protect. She'd become an obsession. And a dangerous one at that.
No, it was more than that. Without even trying, she was changing me. I didn't know who I fucking was anymore. My identity, my entire sense of self, it was all unraveling before my eyes. Everything I thought I knew about myself was shifting, morphing into something I didn't recognize.
But that wasn't right. I didn't…feel things. Emotions didn't rule my actions. Logic and instinct did. That's what made me good at my job. It's how I survived. It's what Luca and Enzo depended on when the only thing stopping a bullet from hitting them was me.
And yet, I felt something for her. Something other than curiosity and lust. There was an ache deep in my chest whenever I looked at her. A flicker of amusement when she dared to stand up to me, and frustration when she wouldn't listen. Even anger, at times. Things I hadn't felt since I was a very young child. Just flashes, but still, they were there.
I'd forgotten how distracting emotions were.
"You're just going to let me go? After everything you've done? Everything we've done. Just like that?" There was an edge to her voice now, a challenge. Luna was not the kind of woman to be discarded easily, and she knew it. She was strong, resilient, beautiful, and right now, she was calling me out.
I raised my eyes, allowing myself a glimpse of this chaotic force I'd brought into my life, not understanding how much damage she'd cause. Her eyes, a stormy mixture of fear and something that looked dangerously like hope, met mine. And in that moment, every wall I'd built, every rule I'd set for myself, threatened to crumble.
I took a step back, putting physical distance between us. "Yes," I said, the word bitter in my mouth. "It's safer for you to be away from me."

Hi! My name is Angel Rayne and I write dark, delicious romance with antiheroes who would burn down the world to save the woman they love. I never understood why the villains never win the girl, and so I decided to write them their own love stories where they do.

Here are a few other odds and ends about me…
-Music inspires my stories and I make playlists for every book.
-I am not a fast writer. My stories take time to write. They need to brew in my head. To have book releases close together I have to write ahead. But I would much rather take the time the stories need to be the best they can be than try to rush them out. Trust me on this one.
-I love the rain, and I'm happiest when I'm sitting in a coffee shop with my laptop as it storms outside.
-I prefer to go watch movies alone, with one of those fancy coffees hidden in my purse. (Yes, I really do this.)
-My husband calls me his "little bird" because anything that sparkles catches my eye.
-I will never have enough soft blankets. Ever.
-I love ALL THE DRAMA…at least in books.
-I will forever re-watch The Phantom of the Opera with the hope that by some miracle, this time she will choose correctly.

Thank you for reading my stories, and I always love to hear from you! You can reach me at:


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