Monday, April 15, 2024

#CoverReveal #PreOrder #DarkRomance #PolyRelationship - Their Hell (Pendleton Prep, Book 3) by H.L. Packer

Title: Their Hell
Series: Pendleton Prep, Book 3
Author: H.L. Packer
Genre/Tropes: secret society, dark romance with poly relationship
Cover Design: LJ Designs
Release Date: May 8, 2024

I should have listened.

I knew deep in my bones that coming to Pendleton Prep was a mistake. Not that it was ever my choice.

I was handed over to a bunch of Devils, both literally and figuratively, and left floundering in a game full of rules I didn’t and still don't understand.

The problem is that I refused to remain the prey, and I didn’t stay meek and obedient, no matter how hard they tried to keep me that way.

They took way more than they were due, and the same Devils they once planned to use to control me are now mine to direct. Still sworn to protect, to manipulate, and to avenge, but for our future together, not theirs.

What happens when the tables turn on the unknown enemy? We’re about to find out. Consequences be damned.

H.L Packer is, quite frankly, a busy bee.

An avid reader as a child, her love for all things written waned into adulthood, the excitement of real life things taking over. But when her life slowed down as she finished her office job for maternity leave, her husband purchased her an e-reader, and that obsession was rekindled.

Quickly she went from reader to reviewer, and then from reviewer to blogger; street teams and promo tours galore. When she began collating her own book boxes over at Romance Readers Book Box UK and had the opportunity to include her own words and worlds, the characters began talking.

Those cheeky characters quickly found themselves written down on the page, and her first series was in progress.

When she is not coordinating her worlds, you can find her running around after her free-spirited three children, and husband, or tending to the dogs, bearded dragons, and snakes that also reside with them.

A break can be found soaking in a bubble bath or enjoying a glass of wine, often still with a book in her hand.


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