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#BookTour #MustRead #KindleUnlimited - Chandelier Sin (Chandelier Sessions Book Two) by Vanessa Fewings

Title: Chandelier Sin
Series: Chandelier Sessions Book Two
Author: Vanessa Fewings
Genre: Romantic Thriller / Romantic Suspense / Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 5, 2024
Cover Design: Hang Le

He’s marked with a tattoo of a serpent.
He wears a masquerade mask of the devil.
He’s a dangerous enigma of darkness and passion.
His name is Atticus.
And he wants control of Pendulum, the most sinister club in the world.
He’s the gorgeous enemy I can’t resist.

She’s trapped inside a gilded cage.
She’s controlled by an evil man.
She’s in grave danger.
Her name is Eve.
And I will do everything in my power to save her.
She’s the beautiful lover I can’t live without.

Return to the world of ENTHRALL with the dark romance CHANDELIER SIN,
the second book in the new series from USA TODAY bestselling author Vanessa Fewings.

"Written with addictive flare and beautiful prose, this book has a wonderfully complex plot and sparling dialogue. The atmosphere is of of imminent jeopardy creating a tension that ratchets up slowly and inexorably throughout." Alicia Reviews - Goodreads

"Their chemistry was so intense right off the bat. It was poignant in every scene they shared." - Amber, Goodreads

"Vanessa Fewings has the ability to have the reader experience and become immersed in the surroundings and emotions through her words." - Elizabeth, Goodreads

"As usual, Vanessa Fewings caught me in her creative story web and I could not put down this book. I finished this masterpiece in one day." - Victoria's Book Bag

Then, I caught the glimmer of light down a short stairwell.
Approaching the top, I peered into the dimness below. Paneled wood walls supported metal racks holding countless bottles, all resting on their sides.
She’d led me to their wine cellar.
Now that was worth celebrating.
An arctic chill reached me from the climate-controlled vault and made me shiver. Descending, I paused on the last step when she came into view.
She stood completely still looking back at me.
In the soft glow of the backlit setting, her feathered crown transformed into a halo. Her delicate fingers were provocatively wrapped around the neck of a Jeroboam of Dom PĂ©rignon.
“Excellent choice,” I said, descending the final steps.
“I think so,” she said, her tone seductive.
“Is he worth a Jeroboam?”
“Debatable,” she replied, with an air of mischief.
That made me smile. “Unless it’s for you.”
“My taste runs darker.”
Her teasing had my dick hardening for her, even though I could see by her wedding band that she was married.
“How dark, exactly?” I tucked my hands into my pockets.
“And to think we’ve only just met.”
Her engagement ring held an orange diamond. Her husband had marked her with that rare stone.
“Would you like my jacket?” I asked. “It’s freezing in here.”
“Excuse me, please.” She waved the bottle to get me to move, as though that vintage wasn’t worth a fortune.
I glanced past her. “Looks like you’ve been keeping this gem a secret?”
Amused, she raised her chin. “You don’t know who I am?”
I moved closer, eager to see her in the light.
I was taller, but not by much. Her stilettoes lent her height. Her scent of citrus layered with cedar and cinnamon evoked a fantasy of endless nights rolling between satin sheets.
Now that I was closer, I could see her startling beauty vaguely hidden behind her mask.
“Atticus.” She uttered my name with respect.
“Let me guess, my reputation precedes me.”
She smiled. “Need assistance choosing something impeccable?”
“This one.” I fixed my stare on her.
“This one’s taken.” She looked around as though considering. “What do you normally like?"
The forbidden.
Instead, I went with, “A decent Pino.”
“Don’t be quick to judge. It’s a hard grape to grow. Needs constant nurturing. Extreme protection. A talented hand to ripen.”
“And then?” she coaxed.
“And then, it offers a haunting taste. Once experienced, it’s unforgettable.”
“How poetic.”
“Is he worthy of you?” I asked flatly.
“What you should be asking is whether you’re worthy enough to be standing in my light.”
Again, my cock stiffened, which I guessed was the desired effect.
Her confidence was something to behold.
“Impressive,” I said, referring to her engagement ring. “A gesture of possession.”
“No one owns me. They may like to think they do, but I’m a free spirit.”
“In what way?”
“I wield power, too.”
My reaction reflected surprise, which I knew would insult her. But I liked seeing her pouty.
“I’m not above doing what needs to be done,” she whispered.
“Which is?”
She drew in a sharp breath. “I’m more of a tequila lover. Stings on the way down. Memorable.”
My brows rose in reaction to her flirting.
Closing the space between us, I leaned in and whispered, “Careful, that kind of heat leaves a burn.”
“It’s addictive,” she said. “Which I find arousing.”
“Minimal risk,” I teased. “Unless you count the level of pleasure that will never be experienced anywhere else.”
Eyes sparkling, she said, “Are you offering me that level, Atticus?”
Kissing her would be easy. “Want to be ruined by me?”

Vanessa Fewings is the USA Today and international bestselling romance author of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS along with many additional novels. Her books have been translated into various languages around the world. Vanessa lives with her husband in California with their rescue foxhound Sherlock.
Vanessa can be found on most social media platforms. She enjoys connecting with fans!

ENTHRALL has been optioned by Passionflix with the co-director and cinematographer attached from the Netflix hit 365 Days.



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