Tuesday, March 19, 2024

#NewRelease #MustRead #OneClick #MCRomance - Finn’s Fury (Riot MC Biloxi) by Karen Renee

Title: Finn’s Fury
Series: Riot MC Biloxi #8
Author: Karen Renee
Release Date: March 19, 2024
Genre: MC Romance (can be standalone)
Cover Model: Shane MacKinnon
Photographer: Golden Czermak/Furious Fotog
Design: Karen Renee

The night my cousin invites me to a party at the Riot MC compound, I discover a world like no other. The Riot MC clubhouse is the first place I feel safe. These bikers protect each other, but they are fierce when protecting their women.

I want their protection so bad. It is a driving, vehement need.

Finn is the one brother I avoid. We had a wild and crazy weekend together. I thought we connected. His actions say I thought wrong.

When he corners me at a party to explain those actions, everything changes. He’s still the only brother who sees me differently. He sees me as his.

The moment Finn discovers I’m being abused, he demands answers. His fury is overwhelming. When he finds out my father is behind the violence, he thinks the solution is simple.

Nothing is ever simple in my life.

He’s determined to keep me safe at any cost, but it could cost us our lives.

I straightened on the sofa. “Do your worst, Ms. Wallace. All of that will backfire on you.”

After delivering that, I hung up. 

“What’s going to backfire on her? And seriously, Riley, you gotta hang up sooner.”

I stood and took my phone to the charger. “Her plans to discredit me and Jonah are going to backfire.”

Finn’s tone dripped with disbelief. “She’s going to refute your story?”

I nodded and walked back to the sofa. “Yeah. Unless I retract my story.”

He sighed. “Whatever. Let her. You shouldn’t have engaged, though.”

I crossed my arms. “Yeah, I’d have been down with that until she threatened to drag you, Two-Times, and the Riot into this. That’s not happening.”

His head tipped back and I admired the column of his throat. When he righted his head, those steely grey-blue eyes widened at me. “You don’t need to protect us, babe.”

My hands went to my hips. “Finn, that woman intends to accuse me of slander and coaching my brother to do the same thing. Her threatening you in any way was a bridge too damned far.”

His chest puffed out with his inhale and his lips parted. 

No matter how much I knew he had something to say, I was on a roll. “And like it or not, I’m done taking whatever the damned world dishes out to me. Between you opening my eyes, and hearing how Victoria handled Dad yesterday, I know I can handle way more than I give myself credit for.”

“Right, but you can’t let someone threatening me get to you.”

My head twisted and I gave him a look. “I’m sorry, what?”

He stepped closer to me. “She pressed your buttons with those threats and no offense, babe, but you gave her the upper hand by reacting.”

My head dipped toward my shoulder. “You would’ve kept your cool if someone threatened your brother Wes?”

His chin dipped. “I get where you’re coming from—”

“I don’t think you do,” I muttered.

He tilted his head as though seeking patience. Luckily he cut it short and met my gaze. “I need you to get this, babe. Anybody threatens to drag me into this shit, I can handle it. The club can definitely handle it.”

“I know that, Finn.”

He stepped into my personal space. “Okay, then I’ll be more clear. If you know that, then when someone threatens me, you need to be cool as a fuckin’ cucumber and rest easy in knowing it’s handled.”

The telltale signs of a headache were gathering along my brow line. “Why are you harping on this?”

His arms wrapped around my waist. “Gonna let the ‘harping’ comment slide, but I don’t want anything getting worse for you because someone used me against you.”

Karen Renee is the author of the Riot Motorcycle Club, Beta, and O-Town series of books. She once crunched Nielsen ratings data but these days she brings her imagination to life by writing books. She has wanted to be a writer since she was very young, but it's taken the last twenty plus years for her to amass enough courage and overall life experience to bring that dream to life. Some of those life experiences came from the wonderful world of advertising, banking, and local television media research. She is a proud wife and mother, and a Jacksonville native. When she's not at the soccer field or cooking, you can find her at her local library, the grocery store, in her car jamming out to some tunes, or hibernating while she writes and/or reads books.


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