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#NewRelease #MustRead #Giveaway - Unleashed (Unraveled Renegade Book 3) by Ren Alexander

Title: Unleashed
Series: Unraveled Renegade Book 3
Author: Ren Alexander
Genre: Second Chance, Enemies to Lovers, Spicy Romance
Release Date: March 12, 2024
Cover design: Sarah Kil Creative Studio

Battered and bruised, Greg Rodwell struggles without his bride.

I married her as a favor. She dumped me out of spite.

All her life, Simone’s control-freak father fed her money as long as she played by his rules, even forcing her to sign a contract and punishing her if she took her beloved stepfather’s last name. I devised a plan and offered her my own contract, marrying Simone so she could keep the money and dump her dad’s name. Although our relationship had been as frenemies, our marriage transformed into the real deal. I fell in love with being Simone’s devoted husband. And with her. I thought. Until that night, a colossal argument shattered us. Like a trashy country song, she bailed on me and our marriage in my pickup truck and skipped town. It hurt like hell, but I had to honor our vows and try to win her back.

Returning to Richmond, I watch Simone parading her loser dates as if it’s a sport. I start dating to help myself let go. But things hit a snag when Simone’s father shows up to stay with her for a week. She pleads with me to help her tell her father about our breakup instead of him discovering it and revoking her funds. At first, watching her squirm amuses me, but I’m not a total jackass. I’ll save her once more, but this time, I’m calling the shots, refusing to suffer through another painful breakup. Unfortunately, this infuriates Simone, but now she’s stuck with a husband for a week. Since I’m homeless, crashing with her works out. However, playing out our marriage in front of her father, stuff between Simone and me soon gets real. Way too real.

Dating to avoid Simone only worsens things because of my intense attraction to her. She’s an addiction no rehab can fix. Yet, when she reciprocates the obsession, I freak out and push her too far all over again. But this time, the massive fallout changes us forever.

You’ll achieve maximum shock and awe if the Wild Sparks Series and The Keys to Jericho are read before this series.

WARNING: Though Greg Rodwell is an office clown, his Unraveled Renegade series contains profuse graphic language, explicit sexual content, violence, and dark content not suitable for sensitive audiences. Reader discretion is highly advised.

She nods as someone knocks on the door. I groan, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“It’s my gift for you.”

While Simone goes to the door, I untuck my dress shirt to hide my chub, irked by the interruption. I cross my arms as Simone ushers Sylvie into the foyer. “Come in. Right on time.”

Sylvie grins. “Hey, Rod.”

I try to be cordial, but my balls ache for Simone’s mouth. “Hey.”

She then whispers to Simone, “Did you tell him?”

Simone clasps her hands together under her chin and turns to me. “So, I thought I’d give you something you were curious about. Me too, really.”

I look back and forth between the natural and bleached blondes. “Uh…what?”

Simone covers her mouth like she’s embarrassed, which doesn’t happen often. Sylvie squeals, “A threesome, Rod!”

My jaw drops and I stutter, “A-a what?”

Simone takes my hand. “I thought you wanted to try one?”

Sylvie opens the big weekender bag on her shoulder. “I brought chilled champagne to celebrate Simone’s graduation and the end of your fake marriage. Maybe we can get tipsy and go from there. I’ve only had one threesome, so I’m no expert, but I can lead the way. It’ll be fun.”

I swipe a hand through my hair, speechless. I don’t want to fuck Sylvie. I don’t want to watch Simone fuck her, either. The thought makes my skin crawl. And I don’t want to celebrate the end of my goddamn marriage. Fake or not.

Sylvie sighs. “I don’t think he likes the idea, Simone.” Underfuckingstatement.

Simone puts her arms around my waist. “I didn’t mean to upset you. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Isn’t it like every guy’s fantasy for two or more women to pleasure him?”

I glance at Sylvie, who nods with a grin while eye-fucking me. I then glare at Simone and grumble, “I’m not every damn guy. You know that.”

“I’m sorry. What about if you watch Sylvie and me while you jerk off? Is that something you’d rather do?”

I clench my teeth harder. “No.”

Sylvie asks, “Rod, what would you like, then?” I shoot my glare at her. “What about if I watch you and Simone go at it? That’d be hot for all of us. I would love to watch you fuck.”

I swallow as Simone squeezes my waist. She says, “I like that idea. I think our sex is something to see.” The idea isn’t as horrendous as having Sylvie grab my dick.

Sylvie says, “Come on. I promise not to touch either of you.”

Simone tugs at my hand. “Let’s at least go upstairs and have a drink. It’ll be okay. I promise. We don’t have to do anything.”

Sylvie pulls out three plastic champagne flutes. “Simone said she didn’t have glasses. These were left over from a New Year’s party.”

I let Simone lead me upstairs. What the hell was she thinking? This will never work. I’ll never get hard in front of Sylvie.

Seeing Sylvie in Simone’s room is fucking weird. I clear my throat. “I need a shower.”

Sylvie says, “You and Simone could get one together while I watch.”

I scowl at her. “No. I could use a minute.”

Simone shakes her head at Sylvie, and she sits on Simone’s window seat with a pout. I pick up my duffel bag and go into the bathroom. At the closed door, I hear muffled whispering. I’m sorry if I’m some kind of dud or defective. I’ve thought about a threesome, but I never thought of following through with one. When I think about sex, it’s only with Simone. I thought forever. Not that I wanted that shit.

And Simone wants me to knock her up someday. On purpose. And I motherfucking agreed to think about it after I swore not to have kids because of my twisted genes.

After a shower, I still get dressed because I can’t wear only a towel with Sylvie ogling. Though she wants to watch me fuck Simone. Jesus, Harry, and Jonas.

The bedroom is dark, except for a few candles burning. It legit looks like a human sacrifice is about to happen, and I’m the lamb. Sitting in the middle of the bed, Simone watches me, and Sylvie looks up from her phone. I feel naked, though I’m wearing shorts and my new black T-shirt. I skipped underwear, though. Just in case I change my mind.

I drop my duffel bag and set my phone, wallet, and keys on Simone’s dresser. Walking over to her bed, I slide my hand into my damp hair, flicking water, and take a deep breath. “No phone, Sylvie. If I do something with Simone, I don’t want you recording it.”

She laughs. “I wouldn’t do that, but here.” Sylvie tosses her phone onto the bed, and I pick it up. Setting it on Simone’s desk on the other side of the room, I watch Sylvie as I return to the bed. She stands to pop the champagne cork, pours champagne from the fog-spewing bottle, and hands flutes to Simone and me. Sylvie holds up hers. “Congratulations, Simone. May you soon orgasm too. Cheers.”

I frown but mumble, “Cheers.”

Simone giggles as I settle against the pillow next to her. Sylvie says, “Pretend I’m not here. But if things get hot, ignore the buzzing.”

Simone twists as she laughs. “My God. You brought a vibrator?”

“Several. I don’t know which one will be right for the mood.” This feels gross.

Simone sets down her glass on the nightstand and snuggles toward me. She swipes damp hair off my forehead and whispers, “It’s okay. I’ll take out the ring. I had to remove it once to pee downstairs while you were in the shower.”

I swallow a mouthful of champagne and then down the rest of it. Sylvie asks, “More, Rod?”

I hold up my glass, and she hops up to refill it to the brim. She could’ve drugged it when I wasn’t looking, but somehow, I trust Simone wouldn’t let her do that to me. Maybe I’m still the idiot Simone dumped.

Drinking more, I look at Simone’s long, bare legs, and lace dress riding high. She sees me checking her out and whispers, “Maybe you should take back your ring.”

I down the rest of the champagne and set the empty flute on the nightstand. I lie beside her and whisper, “I don’t know if I can.”

Simone picks up my hand and places it between her legs. Without hesitation, I cup her pussy and rub my palm back and forth over it as if I’m telling Sylvie this one is all mine. At least for tonight. I put pressure on Simone’s clit and slip two fingers into her. She whimpers, and I glance at Sylvie, watching with interest and maybe holding her breath. If she stays over there and can’t take pictures, maybe I can do this for Simone.

My dick stirs as I peel down Simone’s underwear on one side while Simone pushes the other side until she’s able to kick them onto the floor. Her blue eyes fly to my lips. “Touch me, Greg.”

Again, I don’t waver and slide my fingers through her wet curlies. She opens her legs, and I thrust two fingers into her. Simone is so wet that I finger-fuck her as Sylvie watches. Simone pants and lifts her hips with my rhythm. I slide deep enough to feel the ring, and I smile. Relaxing somewhat, I sit up and move between Simone’s legs. Sylvie hums an approval, but she’s still not buzzing. Oddly, I feel like I’m failing.

I kiss Simone’s thighs to her pussy, and she moans, “Please.”

“What do you want me to do?” I ask between kisses.

“I want your tongue.”

To contain my enthusiasm, I bite my lip, suppressing the urge to grin. I can’t enjoy this too much yet. “You want me to eat you out?”

Sylvie hisses, “Jesus, yes!”

I try to glare at Sylvie, but I smirk from the impatient look on her face. I grip Simone’s thighs and lick through her blonde curls. When I thrust my tongue into her hot velvet, it makes me moan with her. Simone digs her hands into my hair as I suck on her clit. My dick drills into the bed more, needing to feel Simone.

 Even hearing Sylvie juices me. Not because I want her, but because she’s getting off at watching me pleasuring Simone. I wasn’t lying to Simone. Despite our frequent arguments, our volcanic screws remain explosive.

I push a finger into Simone’s pussy to pull the ring closer. I then bite it and suck it into my mouth before kneeling up and dropping it on Simone’s stomach.

Sylvie asks, “What is that? A piercing?”

Simone pants, “His ex-wedding ring.”

Sylvie’s eyes widen and she whines, “Holy fucking shit.”

I return to licking Simone’s clit, and she whispers, “I want to come in your mouth.”

I plunge my tongue into her until her moans grow louder.

Sylvie shrieks, “Do it, Simone! Rod is eating you like a champ!”

Simone cries out as her muscles push out my tongue, so I lick her twitching clit, and she nearly screams. I moan and grope my hard-on beneath me. I hear Sylvie shifting around, but I don’t stop feeding on Simone’s cream as promised.

I kneel to move, and Simone sits up. Face to face, we look at each other. In the dim light, her blue eyes sparkle, and her cheeks glow. She smiles and traces her thumb over my bottom lip, and in this moment, there’s one thing I crave more than motherfucking anything.

Sylvie’s fast breathing makes it a little weird, but not enough to stop me. Simone licks her lip and whispers, “You’re beyond handsome, Greg Rodwell.” She drops her hand, and her smile wanes as if she’s thinking of something sad.

I reach up and brush stray blonde hair from her rosy cheek. I love feeling her silky skin. “And you’re so goddamn beautiful, Simone Simpson.” Simone’s smile returns and I drop to capture it with my lips. She whimpers in surprise, and I clutch her head as I deepen our kiss.

Simone holds onto my forearms and slips her tongue into my mouth. She tastes herself but doesn’t seem to hate it. I sure the hell don’t.

I didn’t realize how inherent my need to kiss her possessed me until now. Almost like I’m going off script, I kiss Simone and don’t care about Sylvie watching. I want her to see how fucking crazed Simone drives me. I can’t explain it. I only know that I need Simone, but at her mercy is a dangerous fucking place to be.

But as much as I lose myself kissing her, Simone holds onto and kisses me like it’ll be our last. At least, maybe for a while, until she wants me to get her pregnant again someday. Jesus H. Christ. I can’t wait for something that won’t happen. Having a kid with her would be so fucking stupid of me. It’s a severe risk, and I’m no daredevil.

My lips burn, and my dick throbs, but Simone’s lips are fucking addictive. I thought so the first time we kissed at Jake’s. Simone buries her fingers into my hair, and when she lifts her lips from me, she whispers, “Greg.”

We whisper even though Sylvie isn’t far from us. “Simone.”

“I want you.” She looks at me, worried, which worries me.

“I want you too.”

I go to kiss her again, but she shakes her head. “No. I mean, I want you.”

I wrinkle my forehead. “Like?”

“I don’t know.” She fingers the flowers of her necklace. I love seeing it on Simone.

I graze my knuckles over her cheek. “Then take all of me, baby.”

We meet in another passionate kiss and moan together. Sylvie gasps, “Are you kidding me? How did I not see it? Oh, my God! You’re in love with each other!”

I don’t bother responding to Sylvie because I’m busy. It’s not love. It’s attraction. Since we met, Simone has changed my life and turns me on like no one else, even if it’s disguised as anger or jokes. And every time we have sex, I grow more attracted to her. My attraction to Hadley was never on this level. But this isn’t love because genuine love wouldn’t have left me and broken my heart. I trust Simone with my dick, but not my heart. When my heart strays too far, I numb it with more sex with Simone. Either that or the pain will fucking kill me. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Ren Alexander writes steamy contemporary romance, including the Wild Sparks Series, and contributes to K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Series. Writing her romance novels with a hefty dose of reality, the good and bad, Ren embraces the gritty and raw with a side of funny and crazy. No matter what, there is always an explosion. You never know what you'll get in her mixed bag.

Relocating from Detroit, Michigan, Ren lives in Kentucky with her husband, two daughters, and two cats.


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