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Series: Lagos Lovin' Series
Author: Camaa Pearl
Series Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance 

Title: Gaga Crazy
Series: Lagos Lovin' Series Book 1
Tropes: Friends-to-Lovers; Family Drama; Secrets; Billionaire

“It’s impossible to have a male bestie and not have sex with them.”

A viral tweet leads to an online friendship between junior architect, Zoya, and charming elusive Manir. He becomes the virtual shoulder she cries on regarding her love-hate relationship with Lagos until a bout of food poisoning heralds their first real life date.

The first in the Lagos Lovin' series about an ambitious young junior architect fighting her attraction to an elusive but charming online bestie.

Title: Bottom Belle
Series: Lagos Lovin' Series Book 2
Tropes: Age-Gap; Interracial Romance; Best Friends Uncle; Forbidden Romance; Billionaire

All I think about when I’m with you is sex, but I feel too guilty to act on it.”

Chiluba, a young and successful fashion designer, is introduced to her best friend’s uncle, George, the kingpin of the West African fabric industry to launch a project. They soon find there’s a lot they have in common other than the African fashion and fabric industry.

The second book in the Lagos Lovin' series about a materialist caught between being loyal to her best friend and following her heart.

Warning: Bottom Belle is intended for 18+ audience as it contains sensitive topics, explicit sexual content, and profanities.

Title: Goody Bag
Series: Lagos Lovin' Series Book 3
Tropes: Fake Dating; Destination Wedding; Morally Grey Hero; Hate-to-Love; Billionaire

Cynical and wary after her brief relationship with a romantic scammer, real estate newbie, Zena, accepts Lekan’s proposal to be her pretend boyfriend at her sister’s destination wedding. Problem is, Lekan’s charming personality comes with the package.

The third book in the Lagos Lovin’ series about a romantic-turned-cynic, getting into a situationship with a charmer.

Warning: Goody Bag is intended for 18+ audience as it contains sensitive topics, explicit sexual content, and profanities.

Camaa Pearl, also known as Margaret Adetimehin, is an international bestselling author and storyteller with a refreshingly unique style that borders between reality and fiction.

As a true ambivert, when she is not reading or writing, she enjoys traveling, tasty meals, behavioral research and talking The Dream's ear off. She hopes to get a puppy soon and if you subscribe to her newsletters via, you’ll be one of the first to know.

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