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#ReviewTour #ReverseHarem #PNR #MustRead #KindleUnlimited - Shadow Guardians by Siren Allen

Series: Shadow Guardians
Titles: Vayn, Sabyn, & Ryver
Author: Siren Allen 
Genre: Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

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Because of my sins, I’ve had my wings clipped, and I’ve been banished to purgatory. For centuries, I’ve endured this punishment while trying not to take my anger out on the humans responsible for my downfall. When a way to regain my wings is presented to me, I agree. I can never return to Paradise. But I’ll do anything to soar again. To achieve this goal, I must become the guardian of a very curvy half-human.

Done. I’ll do it as long as my charge doesn’t talk to me, touch me, or bother me in any way. What I don’t expect is to find myself longing for those very things the longer I watch over her. I will never change my views of humans, but one taste of one shouldn’t hurt. Right? Wrong! After one taste, I was addicted.

Now, I must have her... forever!

- Vayn

I’m Sabyn Shadow-Fallen, a fallen angel haunted by my past. I seek a chance to reclaim my wings by capturing a beautiful but dangerous criminal. My shadows and I soon find ourselves face-to-face with Hailee Holloway, our target and the very embodiment of temptation and chaos.

As the lines between captors and captive blur, a forbidden passion ignites, defying the rules and bringing with it deadly consequences. Now that my shadows and I have her, now that we’ve touched her, will we be able to turn her over to the council as ordered? Or will we go against everything we believe in to keep her for ourselves? The answer is simple. Hailee belongs to us.

And we’d die before we give her up.


Jeneva was only trying to save her bestie from the Shadow Guardians.

Now, she’s being stalked by one of the most dangerous of them all. His name is Ryver, and he’s said to have no feelings. So why do he and his shadows stare at her with a longing that almost makes her want to stop running from them? Find out when you read book 3 of the Shadow Guardians series.

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Siren Allen is an author of paranormal and fantasy romance. She resides in southern Mississippi with her husband.


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