Monday, January 29, 2024

#CoverReveal #PreOrder - Free-Fire Zone: An OPS Protector Romance (Owens Protective Services Book 17) by Giulia Lagomarsino

Title: Free-Fire Zone: An OPS Protector Romance
Series: Owens Protective Services Book 17
Author: Giulia Lagomarsino
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Protector Romance
Release Date: February 26, 2024
Cover Design: T.E. Black Designs
Photographer: Reggie Deanching
Cover Model: Scott Holliday

She’s amazing.

I know that sounds cliche, but it’s one hundred percent true.

She’s so funny and smart and beautiful and…amazing.

I have it so bad for her, and I thought for a moment she liked me too.

Then I realized what I thought was a sign of her liking me was actually a sign she was sliding me into the dreaded friend zone.

I fu@king hate the friend zone.

I was so close to winning her over, and then that roughneck came along, pushing me even further into the zone.

Just like a mechanic, he has qualities I could never possess—like working with a wrench. I could hold a wrench for a photograph and no woman would drool over me.

Alas, that’s the life of a protection agent. Sure, I have rippling muscles and can kill a guy with my bare hands, but I could never compete with this illusion women have about greasy men.

And to make matters worse, I said she could stay with me.

That’s right. I am officially the stupidest man ever.

I’ve doomed myself to a life of fantasies that will never be fulfilled, all because I can’t stop picturing that beautiful, thick hair cascading over her shoulders like a waterfall.

Like I said…

I have it bad, and there’s no way out for me.

I'm a stay at home mom that loves to read. Some of my favorite titles are Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Horatio Hornblower. I started writing when I was trying to come up with suggestions on ways I could help bring in some extra money. I came up with the idea that I could donate plasma because you could earn an extra $500/month. My husband responded with, "No. Find something else. Write a blog. Write a book." I didn't think I had anything to share on blog that a thousand other mothers hadn't already thought of. I decided to take his challenge seriously and sat down to write my first book, Jack. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing. From there, the stories continued to flow and I haven't been able to stop. I hope my readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them. Between reading, writing, and taking care of three small kids, my days are quite full.


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