Wednesday, December 27, 2023

#PreOrder #ComingSoon #DarkRomance #MCRomance - Devil's Betrayal: A Devil's Inferno Novel by Thetta James

Title: Devil’s Betrayal: A Devil’s Inferno Novel

Author: Thetta James

Genre: MC Romance, Dark Romance 

Release Date: January 9, 2024

Cover Design Credit: VDesigns


The heart of a rebel with the soul of a devil. I’ve always known that the Rebel Souls MC wasn’t my destiny. As much as I loved being Jake’s VP, it wasn’t in the cards for me. My soul was restless and Jake wasn’t willing to take the risks needed to satisfy my hunger. So when he handed me my freedom, I created the Devil’s Inferno.

We thrived on the fear of others and nothing stopped us from getting what we wanted.

The problem with having this much power is the addiction. Every addiction needs to be fed and after the last few years we’ve had, I want out. Passing the reins to my son was always the plan, but the path he wants to take has given me second thoughts.

What he fails to understand is that addiction and greed come with a higher price. You either pay in blood or you pay with your life.

My sins have fed his demons and he has the potential to become a true leader. But am I willing to sacrifice my legacy and watch everything I’ve built get destroyed?

I've enjoyed books for as long as I can remember. Reading allows you to expand your mind and make you say, what if? Six years ago, I became a part of the Book World as a Blogger and The Erotic Book Review was born.

I love reading and listening to all genres, but I'm very drawn to Romance on the kinky side of things. I believe pursuing your passion brings out your creativity and

allows endless possibilities to come forth. It is magic to take a reader on a journey that forces them to crossover into your world. My love for stories has inspired me to write and share my words. I hope readers enjoy them as much as I loved creating them.


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