Saturday, December 30, 2023

#NewRelease #MustRead #DarkRomance - Rivals: A Dark Artist Enemies to Lovers Romance by Jessica Myel

Title: Rivals
Author: Jessica Myel
Release Date: December 28, 2023
Genre: Dark Romance (not taboo) 18+
Tropes: Dark Romance, First Love, Enemies to Lovers, Hurt/Comfort, Will burn the world down for her, Mental Health Rep, Academic Rivals

Art is the beast between reality and insanity. You either feed it or let it kill you.

I chose not to let it kill me by making my own way against the wishes of my father and his empire. The meaning of love changed when he decided I no longer existed. But I learned a new definition the moment I was forced to work with my rival. She saw the shattered little boy alone in the dark and I saw a woman born in it.

I chose to let it consume me. I had nothing and no one. Art is the one thing that is mine. Life is full of choices, sometimes we don’t know the good from the bad, and I couldn’t tell the difference through my drug-colored glasses. I survived in the dark for so long that I had forgotten to look for the light. But everything changed when I had no choice but to work with the man who had become my rival. I've never used the word love towards anyone, because no one had ever deserved it. And I never thought I would give it to the person I hate the most.

But together, we would find a way to walk to the light.

Jessica was born and raised in the Midwest. After acquiring a bachelor's in Marketingand a Masters in Biblical Studies many years later she realized her calling was writing.Her passion for words and finding her voice creates deep and emotional writing. She strives to talk about the hard things of life, such as depression, abuse and it’s many forms. In her first book Between the Threads she works through her past, her present and her future. When she's not writing she's drinking matcha, coffee, or both with her head buried in a book.


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