Wednesday, November 22, 2023

#CoverReveal #PreOrder #DarkRomance - Primal Pursuit (Club Myth) by Bella J.

Title: Primal Pursuit
Series: Club Myth
Author: Bella J.
Genre: Dark Romance / Enemies-to-lovers / Revenge / Kink - Primal Play
Release Date: January 10, 2024
Cover Design: Deranged Doctor Designs
Photographer and Model: Paperback Model / Giorgio

Davian Stark is beautiful, twisted, cruel.
And he’s going to die.
By my hand.

He’s one of the Elites of the Dark Sovereign.
A bloodthirsty Mafia Assassin.
And a hunter fueled by his need for the chase.

If I want to get close to this man, I have to give him something to hunt.


He made a mistake by letting me survive my family’s massacre. I've trained, fed my hate, and now, I'm ready to strike.

But Davian isn’t just a killer.
He’s complex, compelling, a man who can spin desire and humiliation into an art form, and it opens something dark inside me.

While I play him, he’s playing me. It’s a twisted game of hunter versus prey.

Question is…
Which one am I?


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