Tuesday, October 17, 2023

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited #YAFantasy - In the Valley of Diamonds by Taylor Summerlin

Title: In the Valley of Diamonds
Author: Taylor Summerlin
Release Date: August 4, 2023
Genre: YA Fantasy (with romance)
Cover Design: Katia, Tania, and the Miblart team

Alexander has a rare gift for weaving stories, but even he never imagined his latest captivating tale would come to life…

The young farmer turned storyteller lives with his head in the clouds, running from the past and hiding from the future. But he’ll have to come down and face the harsh new reality of the Great Depression if he stands a chance of saving his family’s New York farm from the bank.

Desperate to save his home, the hopeful young man makes a wish on the famous Northern Star. And that magical wish transports him far, far away…to the shimmering Valley of Diamonds.

It’s there, in the legendary Realm of Dreams, he meets the beautiful and bold Princess Aurelia. She makes his vulnerable heart beat fast, unlocking a world of possibility.

The princess makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Be the hero they’ve been waiting for to help her troubled kingdom, and in return, she’ll give him as many diamonds as it takes to save his family’s farm.

But navigating through the extraordinary land proves to be more difficult than he ever dreamed, especially while a dark plot unfolds in the shadows.

Alexander must face his fears and fulfill the prophecy or risk losing everyone he loves and everything he holds dear.

Taylor Summerlin is no stranger to the world of storytelling. During her time at Fullerton College and Cal State University, Fullerton, she studied the subject in its many forms. From illustration to storyboarding, to animation/film, to writing, she learned it all. It wasn’t until after she took a step back from the world of animation that she decided to try the path of the author and illustrator. That little step turned into a large leap. Ever since, Taylor has written and illustrated stories, along with a few poems, people have expressed how much they loved. Her wish is to continue this path and that those who view her work will enjoy as well as feel the love and care she put into them.


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