Friday, October 20, 2023

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited #PNR - Dagon: Demonic Disciples by Lisa Carlisle

Title: Dagon
Collection: Demonic Disciples 
Author: Lisa Carlisle
Genre/Tropes: PNR Contemporary Romance, Dual Virgin, Grumpy/Sunshine, Enemies to Lovers, Opposites Attract, Captive
Release Date: October 20, 2023

A reclusive demon meets his fated mate...

When I see a boat approaching my private island, I swim out to investigate. No one can invade my sanctuary. I plan to throw them off course--until I discover what's happening on board. A man is accosting a woman. I shift into a giant sea serpent and destroy his boat in my fury.

There's something different about the woman I rescued. I can't hear her thoughts the way I do with other humans. It's refreshing after all the selfish nonsense I've had to endure from others.

I bring her to my island and discover she's my fated mate. When she recovers, our connection is strong. I invite her to stay and explore, and she agrees to do so for a few days.

That's not long enough. She's the one--the one who can free me from my obligations to hunt. She can't leave me--even if I have to force her to stay.

The hunt is on.

Six demonic brothers, sworn by evil to maintain the balance of nature by eliminating the creatures that bring chaos to it. Driven only by their primal instincts to find their mates so they can protect, possess, and procreate with them. Only a blood moon eclipsing through the night sky will seal their bond and free them to chase their new prey.

They're cruel, dominating sinners with hardened souls, immense power and dynamic presences that won't let anything stop them from finding and claiming their destiny.

This pathetic human deserved no mercy.

I propelled myself from the depths of the ocean after I'd shifted into a colossal sea serpent and crashed onto his precious boat with a resounding impact. The vessel trembled beneath the weight of my fury as I unleashed one fierce blow after another. The man cried for mercy and begged for pity, a futile plea to my ears.

I didn’t kill him, though. That would be too easy. Instead, he’d have to face the same fate that he’d subjected the woman to when throwing her into the sea. He clung to a piece of his broken vessel, which was more than she had. I turned around.

Where was she?

I sank beneath the waves and shrank back down to the size of a black mamba, blending into the dark shadows of the water. Swimming from the rotten human, I searched for the woman. His cries grew fainter as I glided through the sea in a serpentine manner, the waves sliding over my sleek scales.

Why I bothered to go after her perplexed me. After all, what did another human matter to me? The destruction they caused dwarfed anything I was capable of. But something about this woman drew me toward her. Why couldn’t I read her thoughts, yet I could sense her fear? Curiosity grew stronger than my apathy. I reached out to sense her.

The thread of her pulsing energy guided me through the water, her presence growing stronger with each passing moment. Driven by this inexplicable interest, I swam towards her. An enigmatic connection to her intensified, demanding my attention, commanding me to recognize its significance.

Of what?

As I swam closer, a wave of realization flowed through me. She wasn’t just another human. Our connection was something more. Something deeper. Something primal.

She was my mate.

The revelation struck me like a bolt of lightning exploding through the dark of night. How could she be out here, struggling to survive in the vast ocean?

A desperate fervor pushed me to hurry. I swam as fast as possible, following her life force like it was a lighthouse guiding my way. And when I came within a couple of dozen feet from her, I extended my snake head above the surface. She was choking. Her gasps for air were barely audible above the sound of the waves.

She thrashed her arms as if struggling to stay afloat. I couldn’t see her face though, as her back faced me. She was in trouble, and I had to act fast.

I shifted back to my human form. As I approached, I extended my arm. When I touched her shoulder from behind, she screamed.

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Lisa Carlisle is a USA Today bestselling author of paranormal and contemporary romance. She writes about wounded, quirky, or misunderstood heroes finding their happily ever afters. They may be shifters, vampires, witches, gargoyles, and even military or rockstars! She especially loves stories with fated mates and forbidden love, second chances, and enemies-to-lovers romance.

Her travels have provided her with writing inspiration. She deployed to Okinawa, Japan, while in the Marines, backpacked alone through Europe, and worked in Paris. Now she lives in New England with her husband, kids, and cats.


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