Monday, September 25, 2023

#NewRelease #MustRead #Giveaway - Risk: A Romantic Military Suspense Novel (Deep 8) by Kenzie Macallan

Title: Risk
Series: Deep 8
Author: Kenzie Macallan
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Thriller
Release Date: September 25, 2023
Cover Design: T.E. Black Designs

She created a game-changing nuclear weapon. He must keep her safe from a powerful enemy. As embers ignite between them, will their passion lead to an explosive meltdown?

Former MI-6 agent, Campbell Creighton never backs down from a challenge. So, when his childhood friend disappears, he’s thrust into a dangerous mission to find her. But when he discovers her connection to an AI nuclear weapon that someone will kill for, he’ll risk everything to keep her safe while hiding his feelings for her.

Nuclear physicist Dr. Quinn Donovan is determined and unyielding. So when her top-secret lab comes under attack, she embarks on a perilous journey to locate her brother and save their revolutionary program. But her plans take an expected turn when her rescuer saves her life and reignites feelings she’d buried deep inside.

As Campbell follows the leads to uncover the identity of the enemy, his feelings for Quinn surge through him. Despite Quinn’s trust issues after being betrayed in her previous marriage, she’s unable to resist her overwhelming feelings for Campbell.

In a world of high-stake political intrigue and deadly espionage, can they unravel the program’s secrets and outsmart the enemy while navigating the treacherous terrain of their newfound love?

RISK is a captivating and heart-pounding story in the Deep 8 series. If you like edge-of-your-seat action, thrilling romance, and characters you can root for, then you’ll love Kenzie Macallan’s story with an enthralling and unforgettable journey of survival.

Buy RISK to infuse your passion today!

*This book can be read as a standalone.


Why is lying to my boss so much easier than trying to lie to Quinn? She always had a way of knowing when I wasn’t telling the truth. I could never escape the scrutiny of her eyes when I told her one of my white lies about my personal life. She would want to know who I was dating and what she was like. I hid that side from her because those women never measured up to her. That’s why I never tried to lie to her and would often avoid her as we got older. I couldn’t risk her brother catching on to how I felt about his sister.

The day she got married almost killed me, but I had no recourse. Numbness took over as she gave her heart and body to another man. I wanted her for myself, but it would never happen. Her marriage was right for her because I could never step up. 

Her brother is and always will be my best friend, no matter what they suspect him of. I would never betray him by dating his sister, especially with my disability, the one-legged wonder. He would want better for her, but I will find her and keep her safe.

The five-hour flight from Washington, DC to Las Vegas seems like five days. The plane ride is quiet as everyone on the team realizes the significance of rescuing Quinn so the program doesn't get into enemy hands. 

Our contact with Deep 8 came about by accident, but if this program finds its way to the wrong people, it will have global consequences. We want boots on the ground at the Gold Point location to scout the area before rescuing Quinn. If they've hurt her, I can’t guarantee I’ll spare their lives to get information. 

The plane touches down and two Jeep Cherokee Trackhawks wait for us. They loaded these vehicles with Hemi engines, pulling over 700 horsepower, equipped with every bell and whistle. The US government will spare no expense to get the MAGS program back in its hands. Sean, Mac, and I jump into the gray one, and Beck, Dean, and Declan get into the black Jeep. Sean guns the engine and peels out of the airport with a nearly four-hour trip ahead of us.

“Mac and I wanted to talk to you about how this is going to go down once we get there.” Sean’s eyes are on the road as his fingers grip the steering wheel tighter.

“Understood. What did you have in mind?” I say it as if I’m ready for anything, which I’m not. I’m the weakest link on this mission.

“We’re not exactly sure what waits for us once we get there. There isn’t a soldier on this team who doesn’t have a funny feeling about this. I’ve put some backup in place, and they guaranteed me they will be there. It would be best if you split off from us once we get Quinn. You need to get her alone and get her to talk about where her brother might be. We’re on a time crunch with this, but you’ll have to tread lightly. We’re not sure which side she’s on.” Sean uses diplomacy in his approach.

Kenzie Macallan is an author who skillfully weaves intricate action-adventure romances as art imitates life. Not really, but her vivid imagination often finds solace within the pages of her books. Having explored the diverse landscapes of Africa, Greece, Switzerland, Holland, France, England, and Scotland, her travels have ignited a relentless wellspring of storytelling.

This fuels her artistic endeavors, from painting captivating portraits to capturing moments through her camera, all while nurturing her green thumb in the garden. While culinary mastery may elude her, she loves to bake, much to the gratitude of her husband.

Kenzie's true passion lies in transporting readers to captivating realms, where flawed yet endearing heroes emerge, intelligent and resilient women take center stage, and unexpected endings leave them in awe. With each new adventure, Kenzie eagerly anticipates the opportunity to further enchant her readers and embark on a shared journey of discovery.


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