Monday, August 14, 2023

#Tour #KindleUnlimited #MCRomance - Muse's Inspiration (Haunted Hills MC) by Vera Quinn & Penny Anglene

Title: Muse’s Inspiration
Series: Haunted Hills MC
Authors: Vera Quinn & Penny Anglene
Genre: MC Romance
Tropes: Unexpected Pregnancy, Biker, Single Mom

Release: August 8, 2023

When I first met Katie, she took my breath away.
The way she stood up for herself and the decisions she had to make left me speechless.
I’ve never wanted a weak woman.
Katie is anything but weak and she raised a son on her own.
The thing is, she doesn’t want to be owned by anyone.
Too late.
She’s mine, and we have the ink to prove it.

I stood strong for over eight years, raising my son, Samuel, alone.
I didn’t ask for help from anyone.
I thought Muse was a good friend.
I got used to him being around and how well our lives blended.
I let my guard down and he snuck into my heart.One night of weakness and now I am Muse’s Inspiration for life.

★★★★★ Wendy’s Book Blog - “This is a well written story which is an emotional roller coaster, with action, friendships, trust, second chances, determination, challenges, and unconditional love, which leads to an entertaining and thrilling page turner.”

★★★★★ Goodreads Review - “They have the type of relationship that is made for the ages.”

★★★★★  Goodreads Review - “Love this new series
Love this hhmc
Muse and Katie's intense emotional broken heartstopping love story
All the feels
Ready for more
Need Saul”

I have been married to the love of my life for 26 years. We have two grown adult boys with two grandkids. I live in a medium size town along the beautiful Ohio river in Kentucky. I fill my days with the different characters that fill my brain with their stories. I often argue with them on what will happen. Nine chances out of ten they get their way with what is going to happen in the story. I can always be reached thru my email

I have always been an avid reader that loves just about any kind of book. I am married to the love of my life and have two grown sons and five grandchildren. I live in a small town, Pittsburg, Texas, and I love small town living. I have so many stories in my head and not enough hours to get them all out there. God has blessed me with a great imagination. Love my family, my state, and my country .


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