Wednesday, July 5, 2023

#PreOrder #ComingSoon #DarkRomance #Amazon - The Irish Reaper by Rowena Fox

Title: The Irish Reaper
Author: Rowena Fox
Release Date: July 20, 2023
Genre: Dark Romance
Tropes: Mafia, possessive, arranged marriage, revenge romance, alpha male, dark romance, slow burn romance

He murdered my fiancé in cold blood; right in front of me.
Those cold blue eyes made a silent demand that, if I didn’t keep my mouth shut, he’d put a matching bullet in my head, too.
He may as well have.
Because Finnegan O’Clery did one better and made a deal with my father to make me his wife.
It wasn’t out of love, respect, or sheer admiration that he decided to claim me as his own. It was so he could secretly plan to destroy and kill my whole family and gain my new status of becoming the Kincaid clan’s new heir.
There’s no way I’ll help him. Even if my father and brother pawned me off without a care for my well-being to this dark shadow who only gets off by terrorizing me.
Finnegan can try to scare and threaten all he wants, but I’m never going to budge. In fact, I’m devising my own plan to be his destruction one way or another.
I promised it in my wedding vows, after all.

The Kincaid clan will fall by hand.
Not only are they a waste of space, but they’ve grown too ballsy in how they operate around our territory.
And when they decide to team up with the Italians, I’m only too eager to kill their heir that will tie both clans together.
Then my eyes fell on her.
Beautiful red hair and exquisite green eyes, she was timid, terrified, and not even worth worrying about when I put a bullet in her Italian fiancé, Enzo Bianch. She was my only witness and, soon, my wife.
Haven Kincaid was the perfect way inside to gain her family’s trust and finally get rid of them all. But my wife wasn’t so willing to give me what I wanted. Her loyalty to a band of Irish mafia wannabes was only going to tempt my temper and do ungodly things to her body.
But I’m starting to want Haven for my own. And I’ll even kill her to make sure she’s mine forever.

Rowena Fox is a dark romance author born and raised in Michigan, who skillfully weaves tales that delve into the depths of forbidden desires.

When she's not creating captivating narratives, Rowena finds joy in being a devoted mother to her three sons. Living an active lifestyle, she loves spending time with her children, accompanying them to their daily activities. Adding a touch of warmth to her life is her adorable little dog named Didi.

With her evocative storytelling and dedication to her family, Rowena Fox continues to enchant readers with her compelling works.


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