Wednesday, July 26, 2023

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited - The Harsh Bite: Codename: Spithra (Apex Tactical Book 2) by Candice Wright

Title: The Harsh Bite: Codename: Spithra
Series: Apex Tactical Book 2
Author: Candice Wright
Genre: Contemporary/Menage Romance
Release Date: July 27, 2023
Cover Design: Dez Purington

My gift has always felt more like a curse.
Standing up and speaking the truth when nobody wants to hear it is terrifying.
But the truth doesn’t erase the horrors I’ve seen
It doesn’t silence the whispers,
Or blind me to the fingers pointed my way.
Doing the right thing never brought me anything but trouble
So finding myself held captive by a sexy-as-sin duo who loathe me on sight doesn’t come as a shock.
What does surprise me is how quickly my anger for them burns out, leaving a ferocious need in its place.
A need to belong, to be seen, to be loved.
But when every wall I built begins to crumble
Exposing my dark and sordid past
Will there be anyone left standing to pull me from the wreckage?


Candice Wright is the international bestselling author of the Underestimated Series. Hailing from the sunny (sometimes) UK, Candice lives with her three slightly unhinged children and the long-suffering partner. When she isn’t busy raising the next generation of crazy, you can find her sitting at the computer writing words she hopes will resonate or snuggled up reading stories by the authors that cultivated her love of the written word.


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