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#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited - Burn it Down (Revolution Inferno, Book 3) by Whitley Cox writing as Natalie Sloan

Title: Burn it Down
Series: Revolution Inferno, Book 3
Author: Whitley Cox writing as Natalie Sloan
Genre/Tropes: Romantic Suspense, Dark, Reverse Harem, Dystopian, Military, Enemies to Lovers, Alpha Male
Release Date: July 3, 2023

A pariah and a genius. A broken and lonely soul. And the key to saving the world.

The world hates my kind.
Feared and loathed for my brilliance, I’ve worked my entire life for the wrong side because I had to.
Not anymore.
I’m done being used. For too long, women have been treated as property. Dispensable and weak.
F¢k that noise.
I will risk my life and rally the troops. Gather support for the rebellion and when the time is right, we will destroy the regime that has enslaved us.
I will do it alone if I must, because trusting others isn’t in my DNA.
At least that’s what I believe, until they
insist on accompanying me. Not because they think I’m weak, but because they believe in the rebellion, too.
Three men unlike any I’ve ever met before. They see me as their equal and slowly begin to chip away the fortress I’ve built around myself. And I start to trust. But is it safe to open my heart to not just one man but three?
I am Zosha, Sigma born and on the run for my life. The government killed my husband and now they’re after me. But I won’t stop until they’ve been put down for good. The patriarchy must be crushed, and I’ll die to make it happen. And with good men—my equals—by my side, for the first time in centuries, anything seems possible.

Triggers: talk of past torture and abuse, graphic killing scenes

Notes from the author
Multiple POVs and first person.
* This is a MFMM romance. There are no MM romantic scenes or MM romances.
* This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. There is no cheating, no cliffhanger (to their romance arc) and definitely a happy ending.
* There is described torture and graphic killing in this book. Reader discretion is advised.
* Book 2 follows four other characters, as does book 1, with the series arc coming to an end in Book 3.
* Please note that this book is set in a post-apocalyptic world where not only has eighty percent of the human population died, but the ice caps have melted, the oceans have warmed and the geographical landscape of the world as we know it has changed due to the drastic rise of sea levels. The author did consult with an environmental and climate specialist to see what the world is projected to look like in 400 years, but some creative liberties have been taken to enhance the story.

“Best yet!! Zosha, Knox, Shade and Tozer are the most complicated quad yet. With the Revolution picking up more momentum and threats to all involved who can be trusted. This final book has a bit of everything. Hate, mistrust, betrayal and a whole lot of steam. This has an ending you will never see coming!” ~ Nicole Thomas ★★★★★ Goodreads Review

“Holy Moly! If you haven't started this series, you should! A Why Choose book with powerful women and the men who love them." ~ @lili823 ★★★★★  Bookbub Review

“Wow!!! Lots of steam!!! Fanning yourself is a must!!! Loved the ending of the series! ~ CK ★★★★★ Bookbub Review

I voted—innocent, obviously. Shade, Bren and Tozer voted next. 

It was a simple enough system. A witness stood in the room to make sure neither of the boxes were tampered with and people walked in, one at a time, and dropped their piece of gravel into one of the two boxes. 

To think that Zosha’s fate—her life—rested in the hands of a crowd of people who’d been booing and hissing at her when she first walked into the common area set my nerves on absolute edge.

Which was why I insisted on staying with her while we waited out the results. Shade and Rix stood outside the door, with Rix holding the key. 

As soon as he locked us in, Zosha pulled out the elastic band that kept her braid intact, shoved her fingers into her hair, and paced the room.

She was spinning out of control. I could see it in her eyes. That fight from her Sigma side to keep calm, stay rational and figure a way out of this was trying to control the rest of her—the human side of her that was terrified and in utter turmoil. She was scared. Scared of what it could mean if they found her guilty of treason and plotting to have Maxxon killed. I knew she wasn’t a killer like that. And nearly everyone out in that crowded common area did, too. But just like me, they’d been hurt and burned by Sigmas before and were painting Zosha with the same brush. 

“What if they convict me?” she said, her bottom lip wobbling as tears welled up in her eyes and her chest rose and fell rapidly. “What if they find me guilty? Will they kill me? Will they just send me away? No, they won’t send me away. If they think I’m a traitor, they wouldn’t risk sending me away because they think I’d run and divulge the location of the bunker. They’d kill me.” She kept pacing and shoved her fingers into her hair. “Why does Maxxon hate me? What … what happened to them for him to just do such a one-eighty?” Her eyes darted furiously around the room, then she hunched over, put her hands on her knees, and the sound of her heavy breathing filled the surrounding air. She was having a panic attack and on the verge of hyperventilating. She couldn’t keep herself calm like she normally could when faced with something that frightened her.

“Let me try something,” I said, approaching her. 

She stood back up eyed me warily. “What? Are you going to just kill me now? Get it out of the way? We all know you hate me, Knox. It’s not a secret.”

“I don’t hate you, Princess. Never have and you know that. Just let me try something, please?”

Her eyes formed thin slits for a moment as she continued to breathe erratically and quickly, but she nodded and wiped the tears from beneath her eyes. 

“Close your eyes.”

Her lashes fluttered a few times, but then she closed them and kept them closed. 

Gently, I pushed her up against the concrete wall, placed my forearm in the center of her chest between her breasts and wrapped my hand around her throat, applying just enough pressure by squeezing with my thumb and fingers. I didn’t push forward, just squeezed. 

Her eyes flew open, but her breathing was already growing more even and controlled by the second. 

“Am I hurting you?”

She shook her head. Surprise and excitement flashed in those vibrant blue eyes. 

“How?” she croaked, which had me loosening my grip on her slightly. “How did you know this was what I needed?”

“How do you feel?” I asked, ignoring her question. 

Her eyes shifted to the side, then back to my face, burning into my eyes with an intensity I felt right down to my toes. But then that intense heat made its way back up my legs and settled in my balls. “Safe,” she whispered. 

“You always need to be in control of your emotions. It was how you were raised—how you were trained. To keep them hidden behind a veil of indifference—much like super soldiers are trained to do. But all you really crave is the ability to just let go and hand that control over to someone else—to someone you trust. You want to submit, don’t you, Zosha? You want to just feel. You need to feel those emotions that are all bottled up, and knowing you’re safe like this—with me, and submitting, is how you do it.”

A tear slid down her cheek and she swallowed hard against my palm. “I knew you didn’t hate me enough to kill me.”

I grin slid across my face and heat pooled and swirled in my lower belly. “Don’t usually give a nickname like princess to someone I intend to kill.”

Now it was her turn to smile. “Thank you.” Her pulse against my pinky finger that sat against her neck was at complete rest. 

“Thank me when we’re done,” I said with a growl as I pulled her over to the bed, my hand still around her throat. I sat down and released her throat for a moment. “Take off your pants, Princess. I want you bare from the waist down.”

Natalie Sloan is the mother of two gorgeous, wild little girls, and married to her high school sweetheart. She’s traveled the world, taught abroad, and now she and her scientist husband with their kids, dog and betta fish call Nanaimo, BC home. She loves writing filthy romance that tugs at your heart strings until you think they might snap, with cantankerous heroes and steel-spined heroines.


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