Friday, July 7, 2023

#CoverReveal #PreOrder #ComingSoon - Cinnamon Roll Saviors Collection

Title: Cinnamon Roll Saviors Collection
Genre: Steamy/Spicy Contemporary Romance
Authors: Stormi Wilde, Ember Davis, Clarissa Dusk,, Stephanie Renee, JS Mercier, Mia CoCo Lanner, Sarah Everly, Lyric Nicole, Shannon O’Connor, Merissa Bartlett, Storie Devereux, Sara Hurst, Cristina Lollabrigida, Danielle Jacks, Tamrin Banks, Eve London, Aletta Faye, Clarice Jayne, Carmen Richter, and Katherine L. Evans
Releases: August 7-31, 2023
Genres: Steamy/Spicy Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: CPR Designs

August 7th: Taking Her by Stormi Wilde

August 8th: Burning Love by Ember Davis

August 10th: Indebted Angel by Clarissa Dusk

August 11th: Have a Little Faith by Stephanie Renee

August 12th: Safety by JS Mercier

August 14th: Second Time Lucky by Mia Coco Lanner

August 15th: Sidelined by Sarah Everly

August 16th: Keeping Her Safe by Lyric Nicole

August 18th: Only to Save You by Shannon O’Connor

August 19th: Power Play by Merissa Bartlett

August 21st: Inked Temptations by Storie Devereux

August 22nd: Matched with the Billionaire by Sara Hurst

August 23rd: Running After You by Cristina Lollabrigida

August 24th: It Had to Be You by Danielle Jacks

August 25th: Guarding Her Heart by Tamrin Banks

August 26th: One Night With a Rock Star by Eve London

August 28th: Protecting What’s His by Aletta Faye

August 29th: Falling for My Sweet Saviour by Clarice Jayne

August 30th: Patient 247 by Carmen Richter

August 31st: Love on Pointe by Katherine L. Evans

Cinnamon Roll Hero (sin-a-mon roll he-ro): (n) a hero who is too sweet for this world…but will fight to the death for the people they care about.

Join twenty of your favorite romance authors on our journey to prove that cinnamon rolls can still be steaming hot! These sweet, sexy heroes (and heroines!) are here to save the day, whether it’s by rescuing their partner from the ghosts of their past or just showing them that they deserve to be loved, cherished, respected…and, of course, pleasured.

TROPES: damsel in distress, forced proximity, instalove, protector

TROPES: firefighter, small town, instalove, damsel in distress

TROPES: undercover cop, damsel in distress, mafia, enemies to lovers

TROPES: single mom, enemies to lovers, small town

TROPES: small town, single guardian, guarded heart, protector

TROPES: second chance, sports, small town, fake relationship, secret baby, protector, damsel in distress

TROPES: football romance, secret identity, vacation fling turns into more

TROPES: DV survivor, protector, hidden identity, small town, instalove

TROPES: F/F romance, small town, opposites attract, looks can be deceiving

TROPES: hockey romance

TROPES: MFM interracial romance [Black woman/white men], plus size bibliophile FMC, beefcake tattoo artists

TROPES: found family, rich vs. poor, secret billionaire, damsel in distress, surprise baby

TROPES: age gap, single guardian, small town, he falls first

TROPES: F/F romance, slow burn, coming home, forced proximity, friends to lovers

TROPES: grumpy/sunshine, instant chemistry, damsel in distress, small town, former cop with PTSD

TROPES: rock star romance

TROPES: abuse survivor, second chance, single mom

TROPES: millionaire, abused damsel in distress, slow burn

TROPES: chronic illness, nurse/patient in hospital, instant chemistry, he sees what's beneath the surface

Love on Pointe by Katherine L. Evans
TROPES: silver fox, widow, ballet dancer


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