Monday, July 17, 2023

#Excerpt #PreOrder - Secret Squirrel (OPS Protector Romance Book 11) by Giulia Lagomarsino

Title: Secret Squirrel
Series: an OPS Protector Romance Book 11
Author: Giulia Lagomarsino
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Protector Romance
Release Date: July 24 2023

“I have a proposition for you, though I’m not sure you’re smart enough to take it. We like to keep our business contracts within our circle. Going outside is usually messy, but we’re willing to do it when someone fucks up. O’Toole fucked up big time. No one is very willing to do business right now, but I could grease the wheels and make sure they only do business with you. If you’re a smart man, you’ll accept my help. If you’re not, you’re going to find yourself out of business very quickly.”

And dead at the bottom of a river. That was implied.

“And if I accept? What are your demands?”

His lips quirked up. “I wouldn’t call it a demand. More like a stipulation. I need to know the men I’m working with are just as aware of the risks involved and willing to risk what’s necessary to make this a successful business venture. However, since you’re new to our organization, I require something more…personal.”

My insides clenched as he spoke. Whatever he wanted, it wasn’t going to be good. But if I didn’t go along, I wouldn’t be around much longer.

“And what’s that?” I asked smoothly.

He snapped his fingers, not bothering to look behind him at the guards. I heard a scream as the woman was dragged out of her chair and hauled over to Buchanan’s side. She kicked at the guard, desperately trying to escape his grasp, but he was too strong for her efforts to be fruitful. She stilled, but her breaths huffed out as she stared at Buchanan with anger in her eyes.

“This is my daughter, Jade.” His eyes glittered with mirth as I stared at him. I wasn’t sure what he was getting at, but now I was even more confused than before. 

I nodded at the daughter, who only sneered at me. My eyes narrowed, but inside, I was dying with laughter. I’d seen that look before from some of the women at OPS. Seeing her reminded me of my life before I agreed to this crazy mission.

“Jade has disgraced her family, and she has paid for it, but now she’s not a good choice for any of the men I would have considered for her.”

“And why’s that?”

“Excuse me?”

“Why is she not suitable for them?”

“Because she’s tarnished.”

Whatever the fuck that meant. “And?”

He narrowed his eyes at me, clearly not liking my tone of voice. Well, I didn’t care for any of this conversation.

“If you want to prove yourself to me and have my help, you will marry her.”


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