Friday, June 2, 2023

#NewRelease #RomCom #KindleUnlimited - How We Began (The Uni Files Book 1) by Anna Bloom

Title: How We Began
Series: The Uni Files Book 1
Author: Anna Bloom
Release: June 2, 2023
Genre: Flirty & Fun Romantic Comedy
Cover design: Cathy Sutton @ Hudson Indie Ink
Publisher: Hudson Indie Ink

I’m Lilah McCannon, and this is my diary.

Yes, it may seem a little juvenile for a twenty-something woman who’s just started university, but did you just read that? Mid-twenties… university… I’m older than most of my peers, spend most of my time hungover, and I’m pretty sure I’m in the midst of a quarter-life crisis.

All I know is that I don’t want to end up like my mother wearing a twinset and pearls as I parade into the dining room with a roast dinner every Sunday.

This means putting myself out there, trying new things… and boy, am I trying new things.

The guitar-playing hottie from the room next door to my uni room is called Benjamin Chambers. He’s the lead singer in an up-and-coming band, and way out of my league… until he’s not.

Writing my thoughts and feelings down has always helped me work through my emotions, and this diary is full of them. A lot of them. Friendship, heartbreak, love, they’re all here. The realistic challenges of adulthood are sometimes too much to bear, and I’m sure that one day I’ll be able to cope with them, but for right now, it’s hard.

I want what I want, who I want, but being a proper grown-up means having to make choices and sacrifices. I just hope I can make the right ones…


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