Friday, June 30, 2023

#NewRelease #MustRead #KindleUnlimited - Wild Thing: A Grumpy Sunshine Small Town Romance (WILD Series, Book 2) by Jessica Myel

Title: Wild Thing: A Grumpy Sunshine Small Town Romance
Series: WILD Series, Book 2
Author: Jessica Myel
Release Date: June 30, 2023
Genre: Romance, Cowboy/Western Romance, Contemporary Steamy Romance

Change is hard, but it's inevitable.

Kara Barrett

I lived a high-octane life; I worked hard and played harder. I was a lioness tearing my prey to shreds. One night of passion led to two pink lines. I didn't mind; it was a blessing, an exciting new chapter in my life. But new chapters don't always start the way you expect, and mine started with a small town called Paxton and a grumpy cowboy.

He burst into my cafe and told me to stop changing things that didn't need fixing. I wasn't trying to change anyone or anything. I was trying to find a reason to keep living. I thought it would be the cafe, not a grumpy cowboy who became my new landlord and my reason.

Austin West

When you are born into a dynasty like West Ranch, your choices become minimal. I wanted to run the ranch with my brothers. I wanted to be a cowboy and live with the land. I thought I had it all—the girl, the house, and the ring. It would all fall into place. Then she left for the city and never looked back.

I may never be enough for anyone, but how I felt didn't matter. I had a ranch to run and a legacy to continue. Change in Paxton was uncommon and I avoided it at all costs. But when a red-headed wild woman rolled into this town, she brought change to my front door and a reason to put my barbed wire heart on the line one more time.

Little did I know that my Wild Thing was not the only change coming. She was the one to anchor me for the storm rolling into West Ranch, and none of us had any choice but to brace for impact.

She is stunning, utterly and completely breathtaking.

How am I supposed to focus on myself when these men with peachy butts that should be illegal keep crossing my path. Lord help me.

It’s scary…hope. I’m afraid to let myself really feel it, let myself peek through the windows of my grief to see a glimpse of sunlight.

I’m not a cowboy.” She says her eyebrows furrowed in concern.

“No but I might make a cowgirl out of you yet.”

“I am a ball of warm sunshine Austin West, I haven’t met a single person that didn’t like me in this town…except for you.”

Jessica was born and raised in the Midwest. After acquiring a bachelor's in Marketingand a Masters in Biblical Studies many years later she realized her calling was writing.Her passion for words and finding her voice creates deep and emotional writing. She strives to talk about the hard things of life, such as depression, abuse and it’s many forms. In her first book Between the Threads she works through her past, her present and her future. When she's not writing she's drinking matcha, coffee, or both with her head buried in a book.


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