Tuesday, May 30, 2023

#BookTour #NewRelease #KindleUnlimited - Desired by Doom by Jamie Begley

Title: Desired by Doom
Series: The Last Riders, Ohio Chapter
Author: Jamie Begley
Genre: Contemporary Romance, MC Romance
Release Date: May 23, 2023

“Jamie Begley knocked it out of the park once again with Desired Boom!!! I loved every minute of this book.” ★★★★★ Amazon Review

“Brilliant … I loved everything about this book!” ★★★★★ Amazon Review

There wasn't anything Arden wouldn't do for her family, even if it meant having to brave The Last Riders in their own clubhouse. There, she found herself thrust out of her comfort zone and seeing things that she was too shy to watch on Pay-Per-View. She needed The Last Riders' help to save her younger brother, but who was going to be the one to save her from them? One thing was for certain... Doom was impending.

“Dammit.” Swearing, she went back to the trunk.

She had a flat tire. This morning, she had noticed it was low and had stopped to get air. Regretting not getting Rocco to take a look at it when she was the restaurant, she lifted the pans out and set them on the back seat before she took out her spare tire and leaned it against the side of the car before getting the jack. Then, sliding the two pieces of the jack together, she slid it under the car to jack it up.

“Need some help?”

“No,” she told Doom curtly.

Pulling down on the metal lever, she started jacking the car up.

“Move. I’ll do it.”

Arden felt Doom’s jeans brush against her arm.

“I told you I don’t—”

Finding herself lifted off her knees and placed to the side had her glaring at Doom as he bent down to change the tire. As she imagined herself giving him a karate chop to the back of his neck, she glared at him.

“If I needed help, I could have asked Burn. What made you come outside, anyway? Shouldn’t you be busy with Celeste?”

Doom clenched his jaw. “Burn texted me you had a flat.”

Arden looked toward the club door to see Burn was watching.

“He could have changed it himself if it bothered him I was doing it,” she said with snark.

Using the lug wrench next to the jack, Doom started taking off the nuts then pulled the tire off. “Whoever is guarding the door can’t leave it unguarded without permission. He asked for permission, and I told him I would do it.” He slid the spare tire on and started twisting the nuts back on.

“I didn’t take you for a gentleman. Damn, I guess it’s true you learn something new every day.”

After cranking the car back down, Doom released the jack. He carried the tools and flat tire to the open trunk, where he set them inside before shutting the trunk.

“Thanks,” she snapped, turning to open the driver’s door.

She grasped air as she was jerked around until her back was against the door and Doom was towering over her.

“What’s the matter, doll? I get your pussycat in an uproar?”

Her mouth dropped open. No man had ever talked to her that way before.

“Jerk!” Putting her hands out, she tried to shove him away. He didn’t budge. 

When he lowered his head and nuzzled her neck, Arden couldn’t help the tingles that shot down her spine.

“Don’t blame me you’re hot and bothered. If you hadn’t been such a scaredy cat when you watched me with that woman, we would be in my room, and you would be the one my mouth would be on.”

“It didn’t make me hot!” she screeched at him.

“Let’s find out,” he growled into her ear...

Jamie Begley is not your average Kentucky girl, and while she does like to cook her southern meals, this down-home momma prefers living in her biker and alien worlds!

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