Saturday, March 18, 2023

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited #SportsRomance - Payoff Pitch: A Vegas Venom Second Chance Baseball Romance by Kaylee Rose

Title: Payoff Pitch
Series: Venom Baseball Series Book 1
Author: Kaylee Rose
Release: March 18, 2023
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance/Second Chance Romance
Publisher: Red’s Bookshelf Publishing
Cover Model: Marcel Pospiech

Whoever said out of sight, out of mind must be crazy.

There wasn’t a day since I left that I didn’t think about her.

As much as I wanted to stay with her in Boulder City, it was never an option.

Caroline had big dreams of becoming a chef, and I’d just signed my rookie contract.
It was the chance of a lifetime for both of us.

After years of no contact, I’d assumed I’d lost her for good, but when I injured my pitching arm, I was given a second chance to right the wrongs from the past.

This is my last chance and the biggest payoff pitch of my life.

How quickly we’ve fallen back into old ways surprises me. Maybe I’ll be able to pull off being just friends after all.

“Now, go take a shower while I make lunch.” I clap my hands and rub them together like a mad scientist. “Where do I begin?” Kathy did a fantastic job stocking this refrigerator with all sorts of gourmet foods. I run through a recipe in my head that I think Micha will like and will work with the ingredients on hand.

“Caroline.” Micha’s deep voice close to my ear makes me jump.

“Damn it.” Lost in my thoughts, I hadn’t heard him approach. I clutch my chest. “You scared the crap out of me.”

“Sorry.” His brow furrows like he’s struggling with something.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong…” He pauses like he’s carefully considering his words, then leans closer and whispers, “…I’m glad you’re here.”

And just like that, the friendly back and forth we had a few seconds ago is obliterated. I’m pulled back to when kissing and exploring each other’s bodies were a regular part of our lives.

The air is thick with sexual tension and no matter how hard I try, I can’t find the energy to look away.

His gaze lands on my lips.

I resist the urge to lick them and draw in a staggered breath. My hands find their way to rest on his hips while my legs turn to jelly.

His blue eyes look deep into mine.

Is he going to kiss me? Do I want him to kiss me? Should I kiss him?

Kaylee Rose is a mother, sports fan, and contemporary romance author looking to stretch her creative muscles and explore other genres.

Inspired by her husband's law enforcement career and her passion for the written word, Kaylee began to pen her novels as an escape from the rigors of everyday life. She admits that teaching herself the craft of writing has been a challenging but wonderful journey and is just the creative outlet she needs. Writing time is her time, and she protects the hard-won moments fiercely.

Kaylee’s award-winning series, The Weight of the Badge, was written after she attended required law enforcement classes with her husband. The seminars focused on the stress a first responder faces daily, how it affects their lives both on and off the job and the continually growing number of law enforcement suicides. With her books and experience married to a law enforcement officer, Kaylee found herself armed with the perfect platform to use her voice and subtly spread the statistics others may not know. Kaylee Rose is passionate about sharing sexy stories with an important message mixed in.

As a mom of four boys and a competitive streak of her own, Kaylee spent over twenty years coaching youth sports.

Kaylee’s husband is her biggest supporter, believing in her even when she can not, and writing love stories comes naturally to her after falling in love with him at first sight.

Kaylee has teamed up with best-selling author Zane Michaelson for her first extra-steamy co-write, Hot in the City.

Keep your eyes out for future collaborations from this writing duo.


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