Tuesday, March 28, 2023

#NewRelease #Fantasy #MustRead - Knight of Dagger & Darkness: Order of the Ravens (Book 3) by Ava Speirs

Title: Knight of Dagger & Darkness
Series: Order of the Ravens Series Book 3
Author: Ava Speirs
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: March 28, 2023
Cover Design: Covers by Christian 

Betrayal cloaks the truth in darkness.

Bastian’s faith in all that he knows, and trusts, is shattered with the overwhelming loss to the Order, and their mission. Devastated and left with no choice but fleeing into the unknown, Bastian and his fellow Ravens face the dangers of the Barrens—unchartered land where only the brave dare tread and few survive.

As Bastian and his faithful knights navigate the treacherous and unfamiliar, Echo seeks sanctuary amongst those she once believed her enemy. Separated from her trusted companions, she must put her blind trust in those who do not care about her mission or her cause.

As the Mystic makes his striking move for power, the brittle courts of the Five Kingdoms are under threat from a devious man who wields the power of the new Gods.

As the Gods grow restless with each passing day, so does their demand for a victory. The fight for their champion’s survival hangs on the delicate balance of a dagger’s edge.

This is book three in an epic, high fantasy series that is overflowing with action, adventure, and political intrigue. You must read the series in order to unravel the unfathomable journey of a reluctant hero and a determined handmaiden.

Ava Speirs is the alter ego of USA Today bestselling author Eve L. Mitchell.

Ava is a huge fantasy fan and grew up reading stories that captured her imagination and took her on journeys of action and adventure. Her favourite stories to write are ones where the possibilities are endless and reality is what she creates. Ava favours the grumpy, sometimes reluctant hero and the fearless, usually sarcastic heroine.

Ava lives in the North East of Scotland with her significant other, Mr M. When not writing, Ava adores all things Dean Winchester, quaffs coffee like a champion, and still has no idea what a dangling modifier is. She is quite fond of a cliffhanger though...


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