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#SeriesCoverReveal #NewCovers #KindleUnlimited - The Boulder Series by Eve L. Mitchell

Series: The Boulder Series
Titles: Unbroken Devotion, Dark Heart, Unbroken Bonds, Dark Soul
Author: Eve L. Mitchell
Genre: New Adult Romance
Cover Design: Sammi Bee Designs

You can’t help who you love…even if it is your ex-boyfriend’s older brother.

I had no idea our breakup wouldn’t be the worst part of my day when I went home that night. Or that kissing the brother of my ex at a funeral wouldn’t bring me any comfort.
The plan was to start over. A fresh start, far away from them both, and everyone else who cared about me.
Nothing is ever as easy as it should be.
I was still the same old me, and my fractured heart wasn’t prepared for a tumble down memory lane with the same people—and feelings—that I was running from.
Colton Dawson was off limits, or he should have been. Yet, the heart wants what it wants…and mine wants Colton.
But how can I stay away when his world keeps colliding with mine?

Nice guys finish last. Words I live by. In my world, it pays to be the bad guy…and I’m very good at being bad.

I have a thriving business built on blood, sweat and tears—literally. Underground fights are my bread and butter, and no one interferes with that if they know what’s good for them.
Not even some expensive-looking blonde, with blue eyes and a mouth that doesn’t know when to stop.
Babysitting Lela Morgan starts out as a favour to a “friend,” but the longer I’m forced to look out for her, the harder it is to keep my hands to myself.
And the more I want her, the crueller my words become. Because if there’s one thing in my dangerous world I cannot afford, it’s going soft.
For the first time in my life, I’m close to losing control. The harder I push her away, the harder she pushes my buttons.
But she’s tougher than she looks, and she’s not going down without a fight.
Could it be that enemies make the best lovers?

Opposites attract…and we’re complete opposites in every way.

Hope Walker is quiet, studious and someone I have overlooked for far too long. But when I crash her study session in the library it’s clear she knows exactly who I am.
It would seem that my playboy reputation precedes me, and for once, I wish it wouldn’t.
Because the more I get to know the girl hiding behind the books, the more I want her.
After she helps my friends and I out, I wonder how I could have been so blind to what’s been right in front of me all along.
My friends are my family, like brothers, but our bond is stronger than blood—and that bond is currently being tested.
When a dangerous enemy threatens to take her away from me, I will do anything to keep her safe. Even get my hands dirty…and lie to my brothers.
When the truth catches up with me, will it break our bond for good?

There’s no rest for the wicked…or a single father.

I should know. I’m getting a crash course in parenthood. Lela has left…and I don’t know where she is.
I’m left picking up the pieces and learning to balance being a wicked alpha and a new father.
In my line of work, weakness is a death sentence.
The sharks are circling—and they’re out for blood. My blood.
But if they think I’ve gone soft, they’re about to get a rude awakening.
Because if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that this dark soul never loses.
When an old adversary returns to collect a debt, bringing new temptations…will it cost me everything?

Eve L. Mitchell is a USA Today Bestselling author who writes contemporary romance and urban fantasy.

Being an avid reader from a young age, Eve still considers herself to be a reader first. She believes there is nothing better than getting that new book either on your e-reader or in your hands, and the fact she may bring that excitement to a fellow reader, fills her with wonder. She writes under a pen name because otherwise her Secret Agent status will be revoked.

Eve lives in the North East of Scotland, with her three coffee machines and her significant other, Mr. M. She enjoys NFL Football, music and having long conversations with the voices in her head, which sometimes turn into the stories she writes.


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