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#ReleaseBoost #KindleUnlimited #AgeGap #ArrangedMarriage #Forbidden - Illicit Affairs (Appeal of Attraction Book 1) by Savannah Sloan

Title: Illicit Affairs
Series: Appeal of Attraction Book 1
Author: Savannah Sloan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 12, 2023
Tropes- age gap, arranged marriage, cheating, Forbidden, Political scandal

“I'm still rather new to the Savannah Sloan universe, but after Illicit Affairs, I'm keeping my eye on her as I LOVED it so much.” The Power of Three Readers
“I am so happy I found this author! I was absolutely floored!” lindasbookstoreadblog
“This book is phenomenal.” @boundbypaper

I’m not the man you’re hoping I am.
The first time I saw her, she wore her youth like a designer gown. Tailor made to fit her like a second skin. Her innocence obvious even as her body screamed sin.
Two things that spoke to the bastard lingering inside me.
Young and eager, she served herself up to me, a delectable dessert on a gilded tray. I took from her what only one man would ever get to have, and then when it was time, I walked away.
I tried to tell you, I’m the villain of her story.
But now she’s here, broken by a past I had nothing to do with and damned to a future with a man she doesn’t love. Her family sees her as nothing more than a pawn.
She wants more. And I’m the only one that can give it to her.
Don’t waste your sympathy on him. He’ll get over it. As my brother he should have known, I don’t share well with others.
What? I warned you—I’m not the hero here.
But I am the man she needs.

It’s always starts the same: tightness in my throat, pressure in my chest. It feels as though if I don’t remove myself to a place where I can be alone, that I might die—even though sometimes I wonder if that would really be the worst thing. So I run. At least this time, I had the wherewithal to put on tennis shoes and not run out in my slippers.

 That penthouse. The glamorous sterility of it makes grounding myself damn near impossible. I can’t find something to name in the room of different colors when everything is either white or various shades of tan. That vanilla existence literally sends me into orbit. There is nothing in that environment to distract from the darkness swirling inside me.

When the panic sets in, like it did tonight, I pace the entire minute-long elevator ride to the ground floor. Like a caged animal, I ping four steps from one wall, then four steps to the other. Back and forth. I can’t stop moving. Sweat beading on my neck, my damp hands fidgeting as I beg for the ding of the doors before they open. I desperately anticipate seeing those big plate glass doors that let me run from their expectations. I can put a pin in my father’s predetermined future for me, at least until they find me.

Funny how the path he’s chosen for me has changed so drastically over the last few months. Before, it was law school, working for him, breaking my back to make up for the fact that I was born his meek little girl and not his goddamn respectable son.

Liam Betancourt is far from father of the year. Everything with him is a business transaction. He wasn’t always like that, but one day he woke up and slipped into his god complex like a perfectly tailored suit and hasn’t let something as emotional as fatherhood color his judgment since. His priorities changed quickly. All that matters to him anymore is power, and he only bothers with things that will give him every ounce that he feels entitled to. Now that an opportunity for a fistful of it has come his way, or more specifically, in his daughter, he won’t let it slip away from his insatiable grasp.

Savannah Sloan was born in the Pacific Northwest, but gave up beautiful beaches, snowcapped mountains, and Seattle Mariners games to move to the Midwest for a guy.
A tall and tattooed Marine to be specific. You can't fault her for that.
She is now a mother of four, a disobedient housewife, and a lover of happy endings.
No wait—that’s something else—Happily ever afters… she fully believes in them. However, she’s not opposed to the aforementioned.
In her overabundance of free time, Savannah loves writing about dark, brooding, morally gray men and the strong women who always fall for them.
You can find her on most social media platforms... she's just not the best at updating them.


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