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#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited - Stoke the Flames (Revolution Inferno Book Two) by Whitley Cox writing as Natalie Sloan

Title: Stoke the Flames
Series: Revolution Inferno Book Two
Author: Whitley Cox writing as Natalie Sloan
Genre: Reverse Harem; Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 1, 2023
Tropes: Dystopian, Alpha Male, Surprise Pregnancy, Thriller, Post-Apocalyptic; Enemies-to-Lovers

They took her in the middle of the night, performed tests on her against her will … now she’s out for their blood.

They killed my parents.
Then kidnapped me in the middle of the night and locked me in a tower, restraining me and sedating me so they could perform experiments on me daily.
Why me?
I am a nobody. A nothing. Born with no enhancements. No coveted blood.
Except to my men. To them, I am somebody. I am a person. I am whole.
Apart, we are vulnerable. But together we are unstoppable, and one-by-one we will hunt down those who have betrayed us, until we can meet with the rest of the revolution.
Only, I’m carrying a secret, a secret that not even I know. And when we finally find out what it is, it could change everything. And not for the better.
I am Olia, Amlin born, betrayed by those I trusted most, and now I am on the road to revenge. With my men at my side, we will stoke the flames of the rebellion and bring peace, harmony and order to the new world, with women and the men of their hearts at the helm.

Notes from the author
* Multiple POVs and first person.
* This is a MFMM romance. There are no MM romantic scenes or MM romances.
* This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. There is no cheating, no cliffhanger (to their romance arc) and definitely a happy ending.
* There is described torture and graphic killing in this book. Reader discretion is advised.
* Book 3 will follow four new characters, as does book 1, with the series arc coming to an end in Book 3.
* Please note that this book is set in a post-apocalyptic world where not only has eighty percent of the human population died, but the ice caps have melted, the oceans have warmed and the geographical landscape of the world as we know it has changed due to the drastic rise of sea levels. The author did consult with an environmental and climate specialist to see what the world is projected to look like in 400 years, but some creative liberties have been taken to enhance the story.

“What an absolutely brilliant plot. It drew me into the pages right from the start. There’s plenty of action, drama suspense and steam that had me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next. Even though this is book two Revolution Inferno it can be read by itself but to really get the right fill I would read the books in order. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book for my honest opinion.” – @Kazza1957 ~ ★★★★★ Star Bookbub Review
“Fantastic!! Another great standalone addition to this interconnected series. Filled with action and suspense it kept me on the edge of my seat!! There was lots of steam. The spicy scenes were hot!! 🔥 🥵 I loved our FMC, Olia. Not only is she a survivor, but she is brave and has a big heart. I loved seeing her character growth throughout the story. Maxxon, Cypher and Alaric make up her delicious men. Each has their own traumas, but also have certain strengths. Together they fit together so well. I honestly couldn't pick a favorite, because each played a vital role in Olia's heart and also her growth. I cannot wait for book 3!!!” -@Rachel Stephens ~ ★★★★★ Amazon Review
“Book two in a new page turning trilogy. If you enjoy futuristic books and also reverse harem then you’ll love the way this joins the two! A few surprises in this story, also plenty of steamy scenes and action where the female isn’t standing by waiting to be saved! I found this to be well worth the read and definitely has me ready for the final book. There’s some scenes which may be triggering for some readers, but I still give this five well deserved stars!!.” – Sue Hancock ~ ★★★★★ Goodreads Review
“WOWZA! Book 2 is even more engrossing, steamy futuristic reverse harem. There’s a lot riding on every single decision in the future world! Not just wild uninhibited sex that will have you burning through the pages! The suspense, drama, fear for safety of the five and their woman. Another must read by Natalie Sloane. *I was given a copy and am voluntarily giving my honest review.”– Pat ~ ★★★★★ Goodreads Review

Another noise, this time a sharp gasp. “Where am I? Hello? Where am I?” The cage shook. “Help!”

“Shhh,” I said softly. “Olia, it’s Cypher. You’re safe. We’re in the safe house, remember? Alaric’s on the roof ready to shoot bad guys, and Max is sleeping upstairs. Are you okay?”


“Right here.”

“I forgot where I was for a second.” Her breathing was shallow, and her words still held a tinge of worry. “Everything is so dark and … and I forgot about this cage.”

I felt terrible that she was locked up—again. But it was for her own safety.

“Do you need anything?” I asked.

“I, um … I’d like to use the bathroom if I could?”

Nodding, I set aside the scrambler I was building and stood up. “You’ll need to wrap that foil around your torso, okay?”

“O-okay.” She was probably struggling to see anything, so I reached for the flashlight beside me, lifted up the cage a couple of inches and shone the light under.

“Thank you,” she breathed. The rattling and crinkling of the foil was the only sound, save for her breathing. “Okay. All good.”

I lifted the cage up more. “Can you crawl out? Then I’ll carry you so you don’t have to walk.”

“Okay.” She crawled out, the light from the flashlight catching on her long, bright red hair.

Once she was out, I set the cage back down, grabbed the flashlight and scooped her up. She was as light as could be, and her small frame fit against my chest and in my arms perfectly.

“You good?” I asked.


I carried her up the steps, out of the sunken living room and down the white-tiled floor of the hallway toward the bathroom.

Her ear fell to my chest over my heart, and she closed her eyes. “Hmmm.”

My body stiffened. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“Just checking to see if it’s a heart in there or a cog and wheels.”

I shoved down my bark of a laugh. “And?”

“You’re human, just like me.”

“I am,” I said, shocked at just how much emotion accompanied those two words. I cleared my throat so the words wouldn’t choke out again. “I will bleed if you cut me.”

“I won’t cut you.” She glanced up at me with a small, playful smile. “Unless you give me reason to.”

My smile was small and close-mouthed as we entered the bathroom. There were no windows in here, so I wasn’t concerned about flicking on the light. “Do I need to put you on the toilet?”

She shook her head. “I can manage. Thank you.”

“Right.” Now what?

I was just standing there holding her, and I didn’t want to let go.

“You can, uh … you can put me down now. I’ll call you when I’m done.”

“Oh, right … sorry.” I set her down on her feet but scooped her up a second later when she sucked in a sharp breath that had to be from the pain in her feet.

“It’s okay, Cypher. You can put me down.”

This woman didn’t deserve a second of pain after what she’d been through, and the idea of hearing her gasp again, knowing it was from the cuts on her feet, made a hot, trail of rage burn through me. I hadn’t felt this kind of bloodlust in years. Not since …

“Cypher?” Her small, delicate hand fell to my chest, while the other one cupped my cheek. “Are you okay?”

I swallowed and glanced down at her, the vibrant green of her eyes hitting me hard in the solar plexus.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost. And a scary as hell ghost at that. What just happened?” There was no fear on her face, just worry. Just concern. Just … care.

Besides my brothers, I hadn’t seen a look like that on anyone else’s face in years … possibly ever. Nobody cared about me. Not in the way that Olia was demonstrating at least.

It felt good, and it pushed those charring, murderous feelings I had a moment ago to the deep, dark corners of my mind. She replaced those feelings with light.

Olia was light. Olia was brightness and hope.

I shook my head and blinked a few times, staying focused on her beautiful face, on her touch and the way she cupped my cheek.

“You want to talk about what just happened there?” she asked slowly. “You sort of … disappeared in your own head. Something hard creased your face, and you looked both furious and in so much pain.”

That was the perfect way to describe it. I was furious. I was in pain.

Natalie Sloan is the mother of two gorgeous, wild little girls, and married to her high school sweetheart. She’s traveled the world, taught abroad, and now she and her scientist husband with their kids, dog and betta fish call Nanaimo, BC home. She loves writing filthy romance that tugs at your heart strings until you think they might snap, with cantankerous heroes and steel-spined heroines.


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