Thursday, January 5, 2023

#CoverReveal #ComingSoon #PreOrder #PNR - Touch of a Demon (Unearthly Sins Novel) by Stefanie Dawn

Title: Touch of a Demon
Series: Unearthly Sins Novel
Author: Stefanie Dawn
Genre: Steamy Paranormal Romance
Release Date: January 20, 2023
Cover Design: Opium House Creatives

If you ever came across a demon, I doubt you would think they were capable of feeling guilt. Neither did I until her.

While she gets closer to me every day, every moment we see each other sparking something between us I had hoped not to experience with a human, I must hide from her.
Because beyond my true nature, I know a secret that would destroy her. Everything she thought she knew was a lie, but who am I to shatter the illusion of the life she had created?

If I wanted to be with her, really with her, I’d have to tell her the truth.
Either my guilt eats me alive, or she turns to hate me, and I don’t think I can stand the idea of not having her body under mine again.
Neither of my choices is particularly appealing.

Guilt is a heavy burden, but what if the truth is heavier?

I am Cade, and I am a different being than I was before I came to Earth and met her. A demon hiding in human skin.

But existence would have been less painful if I didn’t know what I had to lose.

Stefanie Dawn writes paranormal and steamy romances, as well as dark and urban fantasy, and strives to give her readers stories they can escape into as they become absorbed in the worlds created, and fall in love with the characters.

Stefanie adores creating romances that will keep you hooked, with HEAs and paranormal fantasy, elements of instant attraction, and of course lots of steam!

All books in the Unearthly Sins Novels are standalones, and they can be read in any order. But as you move through the series, you’ll see the characters start to cross over and interconnect, creating an intriguing web of tales.

When she isn’t writing, Stefanie might be painting, reading, or watching movies, or simply enjoying a cocktail with friends.


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