Tuesday, December 20, 2022

#AvailableNow #ReleaseBoost #Fantasy - Knight of Sacrifice & Shade (Order of the Ravens Series Book 2) by Ava Speirs

Title: Knight of Sacrifice & Shade
Series: Order of the Ravens Series Book 2
Author: Ava Speirs
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: December 13, 2022
Cover Design: Covers by Christian Artworks

Between shadows and shade, survival means sacrifice.

On a mission to secure a powerful artefact, Bastian and his Order are forced to remain in the shadows, fugitives running from all that they know. With so much still unknown and their companions shrouded in secrets, trust is a luxury they cannot afford.

The journey north from the Golden City is a dangerous one, leading them through the perils of the ancient Finakyn Forest, a place where few are safely permitted to pass and others face the consequences of a vengeful and spiteful race.

With every delay incurred, the Mystic gains the advantage, growing in strength and power. What started as a fool’s errand for Bastian, has turned into a fight for survival.

He must fulfil his duty to his Order, as well as protect the handmaiden. And all the while...the Gods demand a hero.

Ava Speirs is the alter ego of USA Today bestselling author Eve L. Mitchell.

Ava is a huge fantasy fan and grew up reading stories that captured her imagination and took her on journeys of action and adventure. Her favourite stories to write are ones where the possibilities are endless and reality is what she creates. Ava favours the grumpy, sometimes reluctant hero and the fearless, usually sarcastic heroine.

Ava lives in the North East of Scotland with her significant other, Mr M. When not writing, Ava adores all things Dean Winchester, quaffs coffee like a champion, and still has no idea what a dangling modifier is. She is quite fond of a cliffhanger though...


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