Friday, November 4, 2022

#Week1Release #KindleUnlimited #MustRead #HotVegasNights - Vegas Baby (Hot Vegas Nights Collaboration) by Melanie A. Smith

Series: Hot Vegas Nights Collaboration
Week 1 Release: Vegas Baby by Melanie A. Smith
Genre: Steamy Protector Romance
Collection Hosted by: S.L. Sterling

From award-winning and international best-selling author Melanie A. Smith comes an angsty, steamy novella in the Hot Vegas Nights world.

He saved her life. Now she’s in more trouble than ever…

Sebastian Hernandez, a Las Vegas paramedic, is called to tend to a fallen performer in an acrobatic performance gone wrong. When he locks eyes with the dark beauty, her gaze holds so much more than the pain of her injury, and he’s drawn to her in a way he’s never been drawn to anyone before.

Kira Luan, an aerial acrobat, is trapped in a contract that keeps her at the mercy of her controlling ex-boyfriend. While she longs for a life free to perform, to live, and to find love, fear rules her every move. So much so that it distracted her to the point of injury.

When Kira is left with little choice but to accept Sebastian’s help — and offer of a place to stay — the distance from her problems and her growing closeness with Sebastian begin to crack open the well of her suppressed desires. With him, she heals in more ways than one and finally has the strength to end the relationship with her ex.

But now, both of their lives will be in danger as Kira faces her past to fight for her future. Will she win her freedom and the chance to be with Sebastian, or will she lose it all?

The Vegas Strip is the gateway to your wildest fantasies. Where debauchery rules and depravity runs rampant. Elusive billionaires, celebrity bad boys, tantalizing dancers, master mixologists, and sexy tattoo artists are all within reach.

During these 16 Hot Vegas Nights, you'll take a chance on love, lose yourself in entertainment, and gamble your heart away!

Sixteen books that are all written with your pleasure in mind.

Get ready for Hot Vegas Nights!

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