Thursday, November 10, 2022

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited - Twisted Little Lies: A Second-Chance Romance (Lake State University #8) by Rachael Brownell

Title: Twisted Little Lies
Series: Lake State University #8
Author: Rachael Brownell
Genre: New Adult College Romance, Second Chance Romance
Release Date: November 10, 2022

She owns my heart. My goal is to one day own hers again.
I want her.
What she doesn’t want is me. She made that perfectly clear the summer after high school when she broke up with me. That hasn’t stopped her from crawling in my bed on more than one occasion though.
Not that anyone knows about us, or our past.
We’ve kept that secret under lock and key for years. But I’m getting sick and tired of lying to my friends. I’m not ashamed of my love for her.
Yes, I love her.
I always have. And I know she loves me too. She’s just afraid to admit it.
When we get caught in a compromising position though, all the lies she’s been telling start to crumble around her. And if there’s one thing she hates more than me at the moment, it’s being vulnerable.
That doesn’t stop me from taking advantage of her weakened state. Of trying to work my way back into her heart. Of reminding her why we should be together. But the more she lets me in, the more her lies are starting to get twisted.
The ones she’s telling others but mostly the ones she’s been telling herself.
If I want my second chance, I’m going to have to find a way to break through the fortress she’s erected around her heart.
I know she’s the one for me. She has been since we were teenagers.
My first love. My last. My only.

Kane was my everything.

He still is.

My heart belongs to him. He’s embedded in my soul.

And my body… It’s only ever been his.

Which is how we ended up in the back of the limo tonight, tearing at each other’s clothes. Him throwing his sunglasses off so I could look into his eyes as I lowered myself onto him. His hands gripping my hips so tight I know there will be bruises tomorrow.

It took about half a second to remember how great we were together. How great we could still be, if only I’d tell him the truth.

We do this dance every few months.

Collide with hurricane force. Fuck each other’s brains out. Get our fix and then go back to pretending we don’t have a past together. That we’re nothing more than acquaintances passing in the night.

We’ve always been careful to not get caught.

But tonight, I couldn’t resist.

I knew he was staring at me on the ride to the gala. I could feel his eyes on me from across the room as I spoke to my new boss, Emerson Dixon, and her husband, Ryder. And then he made it a point to move closer. To slowly encroach on my position.

My heart was pounding in my chest. My skin tingled from his close proximity. My breathing shallow and labored as I tried to ignore the effect he had on me.

But Kane knows me too well. All it took was one text, and I was his.

ME: Limo. Ten minutes.

It wasn’t a question. It was a proposal. He walked away, and I followed a few minutes later at a safe distance.

What I never expected was for Scarlet to show up seconds after I orgasmed. Or for Kane to act as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Rachael Brownell is an International Bestselling author of new adult romance.

She lives in Michigan with her husband, son, snuggly dog, and hateful cat. She moonlights a few days a week (her excuse to get out of the house and socialize) and writes almost full time. Her first book was published way back in 2013 and since she’s released more than 30 additional titles.

When she’s not writing her next novel, you can find her hanging out with her family, watching her son play baseball, or running on the treadmill at the gym (though she skips more days than she goes). She also enjoys golfing but is still learning, so if you see her on the course… stand back.


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