Wednesday, October 26, 2022

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited - Vanilla Flame: Age Gap Innocent Heroine Romance (Sweet Temptations) by Maxine Henri

Title: Vanilla Flame
Series: Sweet Temptations
Author: Maxine Henri
Genre: Age Gap Romance
Release Date: October 26, 2022

She was young and innocent. He was anything but.
Vanessa Goodwin was trying to build a better life for herself. After a traumatizing childhood and one big mistake, she only wanted a simple, normal life.

Instead, she met a man with the worst reputation.
A man who always got what he wanted.
A man who had a target on his back.
Rocco Da Bonno.

She knew she should run in the opposite direction, but his one look had her frozen.
Having decided to give up the inheritance of his father’s criminal empire, Rocco had dangerous enemies and a lot of challenges to overcome.

Instead of focusing on staying safe, he obsessed over a beautiful dancer.
The first woman who’d ever refused him.
The first woman who’d ever given him sass.
The only woman who made him feel alive.

Their worlds were miles apart. Their love was doomed. Yet somehow they’d fallen and now the target was on Vanessa’s back, too. Could Rocco protect her or would their love fall victim to his choices?


Maxine Henri writes steamy contemporary romance, is mildly addicted to black tea, loves traveling and reading and lives in a small village in the middle of fields.

She believes that stories matter. They facilitate emotional journeys, inspire and entertain. And when it comes to books and fiction, stories are a great escape and probably the most beneficial addiction on this planet.

Her debut series Sweet Temptations brings heroes that have a shady past, but a soft side to balance their darkness and heroines who are broken, but find their way. Not because the hero saved them, but because he believed in them.


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