Thursday, September 1, 2022

#NewRelease #Giveaway - Captivated by You (The Kingcaid Billionaires #1) by Tracie Delaney

Title: Captivated by You
Series: The Kingcaid Billionaires Book 1
Author: Tracie Delaney
Genre: Billionaire Romance

Girl walks into a bar, hooks up with the gorgeous guy in the designer suit, and has the hottest sex of her life.

Sounds like a wet dream, right?


When I wake up the next morning in a stunning penthouse overlooking the Seattle waterfront to a note saying “have a safe flight back to Chicago,” his message is loud and clear: One and done.

Famous last words.

Guess who’s waiting to greet me on the first day at my new job? Turns out the mega-rich Asher Kingcaid is far from one and done. But surrendering to his charms is a bad idea. When you’ve been burned once, it makes sense to stay away from the fire.

Except Asher is determined to drag me into the flames.

“Prepare yourselves people. Tracie has outdone herself again.” - Early Review
"Kiana and Asher grabbed my heart and made me read every word in a matter of hours.” - Early Review
“If you loved Tracie's Rogues series you're going to love this just as much!” - Early Review

“I devoured this! So good!!” - Early Review 

“Is your home far?”

“Five minutes.”

“Not far, then.”

“No.” Amusement laced his tone, and I peeked up at him to find his lips twisted into a smile.

“Something funny?”

“Yeah. You.”

He stopped and moved into my body, pressing me against a shop window. My heart skipped a beat at the suddenness of his mouth on mine.

Passionate. Urgent. Domineering.

I melted against him as one hand gripped my hair, the other my jaw, angling me while he decimated everything I’d ever thought about being kissed.

Someone wolf-whistled, breaking the spell. I dropped back to my feet from where I’d strained on tiptoes to nestle in close.

“Five minutes, you say?”

“If we walk fast, we can make it in four.”

“And if we run, we can cut it down to three.”

He chuckled. “I love the idea of you gasping for breath, but I’d hoped for a different catalyst.”

“We’re wasting time.”

He gripped my hand and marched down the street, the length of his stride meaning I had to jog to keep up with him. Sprinting up a set of steps in front of a towering building, we entered a lobby that teemed with affluence.

I’d correctly assessed the wealth of the man beside me, and for the first time, I hesitated.

What was I getting myself into?

Tracie Delaney is a Kindle Unlimited All Star author of more than twenty contemporary romance novels which she writes from her office in the freezing cold North West of England. The office used to be a garage, but she needed somewhere quiet to write and so she stole it from her poor, long-suffering husband who is still in mourning that he’s been driven out to the shed!

An avid reader for as long as she can remember, Tracie was also a bit of a tomboy back in the day and used to climb trees with her trusty Enid Blyton’s and read for hours, returning home when it was almost dark with a numb bottom and more than a few splinters!

Tracie’s books have a common theme of strong women who aren’t afraid to go after what they want and alpha males who put up a great fight (which they ultimately lose!)

At night she likes to curl up on the sofa with her two Westies, Murphy & Cooper, and binge-watch shows on Netflix. There may be wine involved.

Visit her website for contact information and more


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