Friday, August 19, 2022

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited - 28 Days by Aleisha Maree & Susan Horsnell

Title: 28 Days
Author: Aleisha Maree & Susan Horsnell
Genre: Women's Fiction/End of Life/MC Romance Elements/Medical Fiction
Release Date: August 14, 2022

28 Days…

It was all I had left.

We had run out of options, there was nothing more to be done.

28 Misery filled days.

28 Days of hell on earth.


Branson, a driver for the Reapers Reign motorcycle club, crashed into my life and tilted my world off its axis.

He turned the rest of my life;


Into something it should never have been.

"This is the most beautiful story of love I have ever read." ~ Early Review

“I have just finished reading the arc and oh my it was outstanding!
I balled my eyes out.” ~ Early Review

“I knew Ziggy was going to die but omg it hurt when she did.” ~ Early Review

“It was a beautiful story and you should be so proud!!” ~ Early Review

"Ziggy is one of the most gorgeous characters I have ever met in a book, and that’s saying something because I have read thousands and thousands of books like all avid readers." ~ Early Review

Aleisha Maree knew she was going to write... well, since forever.
As soon as she could read she wanted to be that escape for others.
Words pulled her in and held her tight in a world that captivated your soul and took you on a journey.
She crafts sensual, sexy, tantalizing stories that weave together her love for darkness, pure passion and most of all human emotions which dance on the cusp of your soul.
She's from the south island of New Zealand born and raised in a tiny but extraordinary village called Wakefield which holds so much more than her heart.
She now lives in the North Island of New Zealand in another village called Wharepapa South with her husband and 6 kids on a dairy farm.
When she's not consumed by those beautiful humans, she's knee-deep in writing, working on another work of art to captivate your soul and mind.
To take you to the edge and back again.
She's a dark soul and introvert who loves nature and water, is insanely in love with coffee and reading.
She can always be found with her family with a book in her handbag and the wind in her hair and a coffee in hand.
Just keep an eye out for all the loud crazy kids and she will be like right there!


USA Today Bestselling author, Susan Horsnell writes various sub-genres of romance under this and two pen names.
I am in the process of transferring Steamy Romance to the pen name Susan R. Horsnell and LGBTQ+ under the name Olivia Ellen Turner. This will be happening over the next few months.
I grew up in Manly, NSW, Australia and have travelled Australia and the World on postings with my Naval Officer husband of 47 years.
I live with my husband, and fur baby – Gemma-Jean, a young Jack Russell Terrier, in a small village in the mountains in Queensland, Australia.
Since retiring a nursing career of 37 years, I have been able to indulge my passion for writing.
Our family enjoys travelling the country with our Caravan/RV when not at home renovating and pics of our adventures can be found on my FB timeline.

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