Thursday, August 11, 2022

#NewRelease #99Pennies #KindleUnlimited - The Zodiac Collection by Ariana Rose, Emma Nichole, Robin Leaf, Echo Grayce, Kristi Lynn, Adora Crooks, JM Kelley, Allie York, Paisleigh Aumack, Anjelica Grace, Crystal Burnette, and Emma Jayne Mills

Titles: Scorpio ~ Taurus ~ Capricorn ~ Aries
Series: The Zodiac Collection
Week #1 Authors: Ariana Rose, Robin Leaf, Emma Nichole, and JM Kelley
Genres: Contemporary Romance and Romantic Comedy
Release Date: August 11, 2022

Maxwell Sinclair made his fortune by creating stories. Along with the label of NYT Bestseller came many others: playboy, womanizer, arrogant, intense, and asshole.

The very last thing Charlotte Campbell expected when she was tossed in at the last minute to be his handler at a book signing was that he would also be stunning, wildly charismatic, and used to getting what he wants. Today, what he wants is her.

Scorpio is a quick, steamy, billionaire, insta-lust romance that you won't be able to put down.

I’m not having the best day. My principal called me in to tell me that my teaching assignment will change this school year. The advanced placement program I’ve worked so hard to build will now be in the hands of someone new… someone who’s unqualified. As I’m leaving that meeting, who do I see?
The boy from my past, all grown up, the one who stole my heart… and my future.
My archnemesis… Mason effin’ McIntyre.
While he looks at me like I’m a sight to behold, I formulate a plan to get rid of him. Make his life so miserable, he has no choice but to bug out and go back to his successful life, the life he stole from me.
If only things were that easy. My mind says he has to go. If only my body and heart would listen.

The last thing I want is Austin Kane.
He's hotheaded, cocky and the only man who has ever broken my heart.
If I had my way, I'd never lay eyes on him again.
But tragedy has led me back to my hometown and unknowingly right back into Austin's orbit.
Complicated circumstances lead to forced proximity and the harsh reality that his isn't the same man he once was.
He's taller, broader, softer, and it's nearly impossible to keep my eyes off of him and my thoughts pure.
The last thing I want is Austin Kane.
But my heart has other plans.

I swear didn’t mean to pepper-spray the tall, dark, hot man lurking in the bushes outside my villa.
Especially since it turns out he’s my childhood best friend, Seth Carlisle.
The first boy I ever crushed on.
The one who got away.
I definitely didn’t expect him showing up as my new security detail.
In my defense, I thought he was my abusive, stalker ex or the crazy paparazzi trying to snap another embarrassing photo.
Being a mega pop star isn’t always easy.
I’m not sure why I thought hiding out in Vegas from my insane celebrity lifestyle was a smart idea.
I came for a quiet retreat to heal physically and emotionally and reflect on my messy life, but honestly, I could use the distraction.
There’s no denying our attraction.
The kindhearted boy with the messy dark hair, soul-piercing eyes, and incredible smile has grown into the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.
It broke my heart the day I left Montana to follow my dreams and Seth joined the military with my brother.
I never stopped thinking about him.
Time hasn’t changed a thing.
One look at him and old feelings are alive again.
It’s no surprise we cozy up quickly.
The fire is still there and our chemistry sizzles hotter than the Vegas strip.
Seeing him again only makes me want to do all the dirty things.
I thought our story was finished but one kiss and I want more.
Now he’s in charge of guarding my life and he’ll risk everything to do his job.
He’s always made me feel safe but now that danger lurks can he protect me?
Now that I found him again, I’ll do anything to make him mine.
The list of reasons we can’t be together is long, but this time I don’t care.
I’m playing for keeps.
I know what I want, but do I have the guts to take it?
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Right? Or does it?

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